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Vaquita: The Mystical and Endangered Little Cow of the Sea

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Vaquita means “little cow” in Spanish. We were given this endearing name due to being the smallest and rarest member of the whale, dolphin, and porpoise sea mammal family. We are considered a rare and elusive mammal. Not too many people know about us due to our petite size, discreet movements, as well as our shy and private demeanor. We tend to travel alone, in pairs, or sometimes in groups of no more than 10 – all while using sonar navigation. Additionally, we only come to the surface to breathe.

Right now, vaquitas are in critical trouble – we are on the brink of extinction. Not only are we on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s list of critically endangered species but we also have been deemed as the “most endangered cetacean” on Earth. Estimates of our current population say there are only about 10 vaquitas left. Though changes in our habitat, along with ocean pollution, potentially threaten the survival of our species, unsustainable and illegal fishing are actually the main drivers – in particular, us being bycatch from illegal fishing practices. Numerous lives have been lost due to being accidentally captured in fishing gear.

Humans all can help in many ways, whether big or small. Here are some ways you can support your marine friends: 1. Inform others about marine life and endangered animals like the vaquita. 2. Spread awareness that fishing is incredibly cruel and inhumane to us innocent animals. 3. Keep all plastic and harmful materials out of the sea to save the oceans and all our friends who live in it. 4. Reduce plastic waste – especially non-recyclable plastic – or use biodegradable plastic. 5. Join the World Oceans Month celebrations on social media in June, and invite your family and friends to do so as well, to spread out the loving message of saving our oceans. 6. Lastly, please help save our planet and all beings living with us by going vegan. We all deserve love and mercy as much as humans do.

We hope you take these steps to benefit the vaquita and other impacted marine life. Together we can make big changes so that all may enjoy our loving world.

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