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Former pig breeder converts farm into animal sanctuary in Taiwan (Formosa)

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One day in 2008, then pig farmer Luo Hong Xian was loading his livestock animals into an abattoir’s truck, when one of the pigs turned around and looked at him. At that moment, Mr. Luo felt the pig was asking him how he could give him away after being companions for a year. Heartbroken, Mr. Luo realized that animals have consciousness and decided to stop eating meat. He then converted his farm into the Love Sea Animal Sanctuary, which currently houses hundreds of animals, including pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, geese and sheep, as well as fish and turtles.

To date, the 37-year-old rescuer has also encouraged tens of thousands of visitors to likewise embrace the vegan diet. We are deeply touched by your benevolent transition, Luo Hong Xian. Heaven bless you. May all join in awakening their goodness within and begin anew in the virtuous vegan way.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Cheerfully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Luo Hong Xian, plus US$10,000 in humble support of the Love Sea Animal Sanctuary, with all love and gratitude, in Heaven’s embrace.”

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