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Beneficial Whole Food Vegan Meals from Dr. Angie Sadeghi on Jane Unchained, Part 2 of 2 - Pita Pizza Topped with Hummus & Overnight Oatmeal



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Now, let’s watch how to make tasty Pita Pizza Topped with Hummus. “Over here, we’ve got pita bread. What are we going to call this dish?” “It’s like a pita pizza but there’s no cheese. And it’s whole wheat. I made pizzas at home and topped the pizza with hummus instead of cheese. When you bake it, it actually does taste kind of cheesy.” “This is such a good idea. Actually, this is my first time using hummus as cheese.” “Let me just put some basil on this.” “And these are the roasted red peppers in water. And you want to be careful; you don’t want to get the roasted red peppers in oil. And Angie is just going to make some little strips. Put a little fresh tomato on here.” “I’m going to do the Hollywood pinch, ready? That makes it look so pretty. Here’s some black pepper. We’re going to put this in the oven.” “Lisa, do you think that people who eat a truly whole food plant-based diet should they portion control their food?” “I don’t think you need to. Dr. Neal Barnard says that there is no portion control with this (21-day Vegan Kickstart) plan. There’s a ton of fiber in all this food. You're going to be full before you can overeat.”
“My favorite breakfast in the world is oatmeal with fruit. So, that’s what I eat almost every single day.” “The night before, I take a little bowl or a jar, and I put oatmeal, plus I add soy milk. And then I put some chia seeds in it, so it kind of makes it a little thick.” “ It makes it gel.” “I put some flaxseed oil and hemp seeds. And that is my power breakfast every morning.” “Oatmeal is again full of fiber. Basically it regulates your blood sugar, and gives you a lot of fiber.”

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