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Selections of Mystic Verses of Tulsi Sahib (vegetarian), Saint of Hathras, Part 2 of 2 – Cycle of Karmas

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Cycle of Karmas “The mental make-up of man emanates from his karmas. He remains involved in performing actions good and bad. According to the nature of the actions he performs. He is put into the bondage of various species. In accordance with the trade that a merchant practices, He carries loss and profit, pain and pleasure along with him. He who conducts his trade under the sway of desires. Drifts with the currents of the ocean of eighty-four; He moves from species to species according to his actions. This snare is manifestly spread in the entire creation. He is born, he dies, and again he takes a new frame; As he sows, so does he reap the fruit of his actions. In the cycle of eighty-four, he remains in slumber; And in the human form, only a rare one awakens. Through a Master’s teachings he realizes God, Just as collyrium placed in his eyes restores his vision. Without a Master’s teachings to guide them, even gods, men and sages do not get release; When Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh get not deliverance, what can we say about ordinary creatures?” “O thou ever-wandering mind, thou bumblebee, break the shackles of thy body; For age after age thou hast been dyed in the fast colors of this world. Even as the juggler makes a puppet dance with the strings in his hands. So does the karma-juggler make our mind dance to his tune. It wanders for aeons and aeons in the bondage of the body; In pursuit of sense pleasures it roams, as does a kite without a string. The ruthless and tyrannical Kal (negative force), without the mercy of the Master, Is subdued not, so formidable is his power. For countless lives the mind has been under the sway of passions; From moment to moment it has been a captive of the wave of cravings. The pursuit of desire makes one take abode in the body; The endless chain of karmas throws him into the cycle of birth and death. O Tulsi, in the company of thy Master become a swan. And in the crystal water of Mansarovar attain salvation.” World is Ephemeral “There is nothing lasting in this world. All is a passing show. Look all around, there is nothing of consequence in the world. This short-lived pageant will be left behind. Money and property, friends and family will be of no avail. Indeed, O Tulsi, life is as fleeting as the existence of the moth in the flame. The whole world is going, it is ever on the move. But none sends any news, any information. They leave from here, they bring no news; From there no one ever comes back. Ail the world is moving towards death. But none solves the mystery of the end. Blindly the world on the path of rituals flounders, The pundits prescribe specific garbs and rites. But they disclose not the path of salvation. Be thy deeds pious or evil, they will not give thee human birth; When the soul leaves the body and the mortal frame decays. It goes into the cycle of eighty-four. In the form of donkeys, dogs, swine and the like. It is crushed and chewed in the jaws of Kal (negative force). Ceaselessly revolves the individual in the whirlpool of transmigration; Never does he find peace and calm. For the sake of his father and mother, brother and son. He carries a heavy load on his head; When the angel of death takes his life from within his body. At that crucial time there is none to keep him company. The cruel messenger of death tortures his body. He beats and kicks him without compassion. When he cared not for the deeds he committed. What use are regrets and repentance now?”
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Episod  2 / 2
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