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From the Secret Doctrine: Cosmogenesis - The Seven Creations, Part 2 of 2

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The Fourth Creation “The Mukhya or Primary, as it begins the series of four. “The Mukhya is the ‘creation,’ or rather organic evolution, of the vegetable kingdom. In this Secondary Period, the three degrees of the elemental or rudimental kingdoms are evolved in this World, corresponding, inversely in order, to the three Prâkritic Creations, during the Primary Period of Brahma’s activity. As in that Period, in the words of Vishnu Purana, ‘the first creation was that of Mahat or Intellect.... The second was that of the Rudimental Principles (Tanmâtras).... The third was... the creation of the senses (Aindriyaka)’; so in this one, the order of the Elemental Forces stands thus: (1) the nascent Centres of Force, intellectual and physical; (2) the Rudimentary Principles, nerve force, so to say; and (3) nascent Apperception, which is the Mahat of the lower kingdoms, and is especially developed in the third order of Elementals; these are succeeded by the objective kingdom of minerals, in which this ‘apperception’ is entirely latent, to re-develop only in the plants. The Mukhya Creation, then, is the middle point between the three lower and the three higher kingdoms, which represent the seven esoteric kingdoms of Cosmos, and of Earth.” The Fifth Creation “The Tiryaksrotas or Tairyagyonya Creation, that of the ‘(sacred) animals,’ corresponding on Earth only to the animal creation. That which is meant by ‘animals,’ in the Primary Creation, is the germ of awakening consciousness, or of ‘apperception,’ that which is faintly traceable in some sensitive plants on Earth and more distinctly in the protistic Monera. On our Globe, during the First Round, animal ‘creation’ precedes that of man, while the mammalian animals evolve from man in our Fourth Round, on the physical plane.” The Sixth Creation “The Ûrdhvasrotas Creation, or that of Divinities. But these Divinities are simply the Prototypes of the First Race, the Fathers of their ‘mind-born’ progeny with the ‘soft bones.’ ‘Collecting his mind into itself (yoga-willing), Brahma creates the four Orders of Beings, termed Gods, demons, Progenitors, and Men’; Progenitors here meaning the Prototypes and Evolvers of the first Root-Race of men.” The Seventh Creation “The evolution of the Arvâksrotas Beings, ‘which was ... that of man.’”
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