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Homemade Vegan Mince Pies & Jam Tarts, Part 2 of 2

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"There you are, we put it in the tray. You have to use your finger to press it down into the hole. Otherwise, it will just hang in the air like this. So you press it down into the mold. Now we can have all kinds of jam to fill it in. And also some mincemeat as well. Strawberry and some marmalade even. You put one teaspoon of jam in there. This is cassis. This is blueberry. So we put mincemeat in here, just fill it and flatten it out. You know, make it flat, even, yes. I just cut the leftovers into small strips, like that. Now we’re going to brush it with (soya) milk so that it will stick on. And cut it so that it will go across there. You can put something in the middle, make it look nice. Or you put a star or flower on. I’m just making it simple. You can fancify it any way you want. You can also put the cross like this, and on the jam, and it will look also fabulous. It will look very appetizing for people who come to your house for Christmas. Now, remember to brush some (vegan) milk on it. Don't brush too hard; just dab dab, on it. Now, ready to bake. We had better put it at 220ºC because it's already very hot. And make it 15 minutes, OK? The same. You can sprinkle a little bit of icing sugar on it. And it just looks more appetizing. Or not, you don't have to. You can serve it with (vegan) cream, (vegan) whipped cream or just eat it as is. Icing sugar, because it's for Christmas, it would look like snow. Just reminding people of the cold outside, and you sit next to the fire with a cup of tea and a couple of mince pies like this. And you will know how blessed you are, how fortunate you are to sit inside warm with a fire while outside is cold and snowing. That's the idea of it. People appreciate home better. That's all. Golden brown, and then you take it out and let it cool down for just a few minutes. And then you transfer it onto another tray or a plate. Ready to eat. These are called jam tart, yeah? Tart, t-a-r-t. And now we have all the cakes, ready for Christmas."
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