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Appreciate God’s Leniency and Listen to Hiers Commandments, Nov. 5, 2022

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(Many people have near-death experiences, and recently there was some prediction that 2023 will be worse than previous years. What would Master say about this?) What I say is: I always told you, I’m not a clairvoyant. […] Whether or not they predict it or they have been told, it is like that. (Yes, Master.) It’s getting worse. (Oh…) But our prayers do help. Our prayers do help. And I think it could get better, but not forever. (Wow.)

It could change by Merciful God. Hes gives us a chance to reflect again and humans should reflect within themselves and change to a more compassionate lifestyle, like the vegan lifestyle, for example. Then we can change. Nothing is fixed in destiny. We have to take fate into our own hands and change it. That’s why God gives us free will, so we can exercise it. […]

If you don’t listen to me at all whatsoever, whatever I say, just forget all of it, but please, just ask God, sincerely, humbly, honestly – ask God to, “Please forgive me.” Just ask God to forgive you. Please, do that with sincerity, with utmost repentance, with utmost sincerity, utmost humility. Then, maybe God forgives you, gives you another chance so you don’t have to go to hell. Please. I cannot help you, because you don’t let me. So, please remember that. Ask God to forgive you. God always can forgive, but you have to be truly humble, sincere, honest, and truly, truly repent in your heart. […]

I don’t know how to express my love and concern to all of you, but in my heart, I love all of you, and I wish all of you liberation from birth, death and suffering. Go back Home by whatever means you can. Amen.

On Saturday, November 5, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) generously shared some of Her priceless time with Supreme Master Television team members. As Master checked on the team’s wellbeing, She also provided some valuable tips for emergency situations. Additionally, She kindly answered questions related to predictions about the year 2023, means to end the war in Ukraine (Ureign), and more.

(Hi, Master. Hallo, Master.) Hi, hi, hi. Hi beautiful, no, handsome guys. Beautiful souls. No matter if you’re a woman or a man, you’re beautiful inside. And if you’re handsome, outside, that’s even better, of course. You are, right? All of you are right? In my eyes you are. OK? (Thank You, Master.) And beauty is in the eyes of the… (Beholder.) Oh, you know everything, my God. (Master is beautiful. The most beautiful.) What, love? Please repeat what you said. (Master is the most beautiful of all.) Oh, my ego loves to hear that. It loves, loves, loves to hear that. Thank you anyway. (You’re welcome. It’s true.) In the eyes of the beholder, so it’s alright. […]

Are you OK? (Yes, Master, we are OK.) […] I’m sorry to call so late in the night, I mean early in the morning. But I’m in a difficult situation. I cannot always wait for you to sleep and wake up, and then I may not be able to. I waited many days and I could not, so we just have to do it today, and now, even if it’s late. Sorry to wake you up and disturb your sleep. (It’s OK, Master. We understand, Master. Yes.)

Can sleep again, OK? If you’re lucky. If you have time. It doesn’t matter. We are in it together. The same situation almost. I also don’t sleep very well, and lately, food doesn’t taste of anything. It’s OK, the food there where you are? (Yes, Master. It’s very nice here.) Wonderful. Oh, I’m glad, I’m glad. At the moment you don’t even have to cook for yourselves, right? (It’s true. Yes.) It’s a good change. It’s a little tight, but you can’t have everything. (Yes, Master.) Compared to the world, we are very lucky already, right? You can have food, you can have safety. I mean, for me I have to keep moving sometimes, and also have to take good care of myself for security and all that – all alone.

I am my own bodyguard. (Wow.) But still, much better than millions or billions of people, and better than billions of the animal-people weekly. So, we should thank God for everything we have, no matter how little or how far from expectation. Reminding you. (Yes, Master.) I thank God every day. And whatever we don’t have, according to our taste or expectation, it’s because of our own karma or the world’s collective karma. It’s not God who arranges all that. (Understand, Master.) God Almighty is all loving, all giving, all forgiving, all benevolent, all merciful. Always remember that. (Yes, Master.) […]

If we don’t have any electricity, by the way, for any emergency cases – if you have any hot water bottle and hot water at all, just fill it. Fill the juice bottle with hot water, if you can have it. Then it’s warm. Or sleep together. Not too hugging, but you then keep warm. (Yes, Master.) Share one or two blankets. That’s what the Tibetan people do when they travel, because they don’t have cars on the mountains at the top of the world. So, mostly when they travel, they sleep together – strangers on the road. (Oh.) Anywhere they can. Yeah, in small rooms.

And there’s something you can use. They sell somewhere like vegetable oil, but thickened vegetable oil. All vegetable oil. They call it all vegetable. I forgot the name behind that. It means fat, anyway. But there’s a name they use. I think they sell it in some supermarkets. Like a big chunk in a big can. Tin can or a jar, a big one.

And you buy that and then you buy a thin candle – a normal candle – thin and long. And stick that, immerse it, in the middle of that can. Or you can make it smaller, into smaller jars, and then put the small candle in. But it has to be a thin candle, because the candle has a wick in it. So, if you immerse it in and you burn it, you have to cut the wick to make it short. Because mostly when they sell the candle, the wick is very long sometimes. […]

You put the candle in the middle of this can of thickened vegetable oil, then it will burn. Just like a candle, but it becomes a big candle. And this one, if you buy a big one, like three pounds or six pounds, then it will burn for thirty days plus, or seventy days plus, for eight hours every day. (Wow.)

And in an emergency, it’s really good. And you sit together in a small room, very small, the smaller the better. Then it will be warm in case of emergency when you don’t have any means to warm yourself in winter. (Yes, Master.) […] And just eat whatever you have. From tins or cans or jars.

I normally live in the forest – now I live on the mountain. It’s a small place, but OK. But if you don’t have electricity and if you live in the forest or mountain, it’s not too bad, you can collect dry wood to cook or warm yourself. But if you live in a city apartment, then this probably is a solution. (Yes, Master.) Like a candle at night like that and sit together in a small room.

That candle, or a couple of those small candles could warm you up in a small room. Or in the car or in a small truck. (Yes, Master.) That’s what people do when they’re stuck in the middle of somewhere, in the middle of a highway when it’s snowing and cold. They just light a candle in the car. Keep themselves warm. At least not frozen. Never mind. We hope for a better, always hopeful and more positive scenario of the future. (Yes, Master.)

You have anything to tell me? (Yes, we have a question.) Tell. Only one question? (No, a couple.) Tell me. Be quick, I don’t have a lot of convenience nowadays to make a long – like two, three, four, five hours anymore. So, quickly, please. (Yes, yes. Many people have near-death experiences, and recently there was some prediction that 2023 will be worse than previous years.)

“Courtesy of Great Miracles Avenue – May 21, 2022 Voiceover (f):This is a near-death experience from one of our viewers in Africa. She detailed the events that took place during her brush with death, as well as her astonishing encounter with Jesus.

I spoke in a low voice and asked, ‘Jesus, is that You?’ The voice echoed back, ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.’ And He continued, ‘Come with me. I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know. I will impart upon you my Word and ask that you disseminate it throughout the world. Let them know the great tribulation is due. It will be tougher and longer than humanity can imagine. 2023 will be a tough year and the year of more doom. The pains and suffering of the past years will be nothing compared to the future. The avarice and greed of men will be made known, and it will be the cause of a severe pandemic. Conflicts among nations will erupt more frequently and violently than ever before. Even the most privileged will be concerned.’”

(What would Master say about this?) What I say is: I always told you, I’m not a clairvoyant. But, whether or not the people really have these near-death experiences and predictions, mostly they say an angel told them, or God told them, or Jesus told them during their so-called death, between death and life. Whether or not they predict it or they have been told, it is like that. (Yes, Master.) It’s getting worse. (Oh…) But our prayers do help. Our prayers do help. And I think it could get better, but not forever. (Wow.)

It could change by Merciful God. Hes gives us a chance to reflect again and humans should reflect within themselves and change to a more compassionate lifestyle, like the vegan lifestyle, for example. Then we can change. Nothing is fixed in destiny. We have to take fate into our own hands and change it. That’s why God gives us free will, so we can exercise it.

I can only tell people that whenever God gives us a chance to see the better due to Hiers Mercy, then we have to know that it’s short-lived. (Yes, Master.) Because we want to talk to God, we pray to God. But prayers to God have to be like a conversation – earnest and useful, as well as sincere and humble. So, it has to be like a two-way conversation. Just like when I talk to you, we are both listening and talking, at least like a question and response or answer. Not a one-way conversation. (Yes, Master.) But the way we treat God is like just a one-way conversation. We always ask, we pray. We ask for this, for that and pray mostly for selfish reasons.

Well, except when we pray for the world to become vegan so that we will have lasting world peace. That is not just for individual needs, selfish desires, but it’s for the common good of all beings, of this beautiful planet. (Yes, Master.)

So, we just ask, ask, ask God all the time. We don’t listen to what God says. We can’t listen to God. Most people cannot. If you cannot listen to God directly, or maybe don’t wish for a near-death experience so that you can speak directly to God or by Hiers Mercy, or to Jesus Christ or Buddha or whomever you believe in, then you should listen to the teachings of the Masters. Important and very simple are the precepts, like the Ten Precepts in the Christian teachings, and the Five Precepts, more compact Five Precepts in Buddhism: thou shall not kill, thou shall not tell lies, thou shall not steal, thou shall not commit indecent relationships, no intoxicants, for example.

The most important is “thou shall not kill.” Not just humans, but animal-people as well. Animals also are people. They have feelings, they have intelligence, they have emotions, they have understanding, and they have the desire to live their lives in peace, until God calls them Home. Just the way we humans do. So, if we follow God’s teachings, listen to God talk, then God will also listen to us. It has to go two ways. (Yes, Master.) That is what it means to listen to God.

If you pretend to be all blind, deaf, and dumb, then no one can help you. You are the one, you are the one that could help yourself. If you don’t have any Master to take the burden of karma for you and keep teaching you more and more, then you must truly listen to yourself inside you. You know what you want. That you are from God, and you have that God spark within you.

Let that spark of God guide you, help you and protect you. But you have to be in contact with that spark, by following God’s teachings, even though not directly, but through the Master’s teachings. An important teaching is concentrated in that Ten Precepts or Five Precepts from different religions. Just ask God to forgive you and don’t do all the wicked things again, but do the opposite, good things. So, it’s very simple. As I keep saying to you all the time: be vegan, make peace, do good deeds. Or at least, just be vegan. Just ask God to forgive you. Ask God to forgive you in any way. Save yourself from hell.

I don’t know how to express my love and concern to all of you, but in my heart, I love all of you, and I wish all of you liberation from birth, death and suffering. Go back Home by whatever means you can. Amen. God loves you. God bless you. May you listen to God’s commands. And may God grant you your peace request – inner peace and outer peace. Amen. Amen. Amen. (Amen.)

God has sent Hiers Son Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak, all the great Masters of Jainism, for example, and Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. But we don’t even really listen to Them. They came down to us. They suffer. They sacrifice Their comfort, even Their lives for us and tell us what God has asked Them to tell us. But we never listen. Most of us don’t listen. And then when the consequence comes, we cry, we scream, sometimes we blame Heaven and God and hell and all that. But because we did not listen. We don’t give God a chance to converse with us.

It’s just only a one-way conversation. We always ask, ask, ask, demand, demand, demand, but we don’t listen to God. That’s why we have trouble. We don’t just have trouble now, we have had trouble ever since we have existed on this planet as humans. Even I looked in the news, it says like nuclear remains were found. This is like from two billion years ago. (Oh.) Some billions of years ago!!!

That means we have been destroying ourselves, destroying the world again, again and again. Not just now. And now, some of the countries’ leaders who have nukes keep threatening the whole world with it. (Yes, Master.) And history will repeat itself again. Why not just stay at home? Hugging your wife, doing something nice with your children, enjoying your privilege, especially if you’re leaders. Just be like the kings and queens of old, let the people be. Let peace reign in your country instead of trouble and threatening other human beings with your power. (Yes, Master. Exactly.) What for is that? Life is short. Make a beautiful legend of your life. Be an excellent leader, be a merciful leader.

Why be a bad one? Why be a threatening one? Why be a frightening one? Why be a murderous one? What for? You will die. You will take nothing with you. And history will write your name with blood. What for? (Indeed, Master. Right, yes.) You are a leader, and you have the respect and admiration of the whole country. And if you’re better, you could have it from the whole world. And God will love you more. God will love you, Heaven will bless you. And you will live a longer life and a happy life. What for are you a murderous leader? Or even a threatening leader? What for? (Yes. Right.) What can you gain out of it? Even your people will hate you in their heart!

Maybe they do not dare to say anything outwardly, fearing you will jail them or murder them. But in their heart, they hate you. And all this energy builds up. It makes your life hell, sooner or later. Many dictators or murderous leaders die miserably in history. You all know that, right? Everybody knows. (Yes, Master.) They won’t have a good life and they won’t have a good death either. And they won’t have a good afterlife either. They’ll be in hell forever. I tell you the truth. Hitler is still in hell. (Wow.) If you have a chance to go to hell (during meditation) like some of your brother and sister initiates, you will see him there.

God. But our prayers will have effect, and God may be lenient for some years. (Thanks God.) Not forever. If we don’t change, if humans don’t appreciate God’s leniency and the merciful break that Hes has gifted to us, then we will experience worse than all that prediction even. (Wow.)

Any other questions? (Yes. There are a lot of predictions about 2023, but there was one instance, there was this man in 2021. He was stuck between 2021 and 2027. He woke up in a hospital in the year 2027, and he actually went out on the streets and he took videos, and there was no one around. It seemed as if he was the last person alive. And he even went around filming the empty streets, the empty towns. And there was just nobody around. Like he was the last person on Earth. And people thought that the filming of these videos was fake. We wonder if Master has heard about this. And is it true, or not?)

Whether or not the video is fake or true, the things that he said are true. (Wow.) It will be like that. So, we better pray harder and repent more sincerely. Otherwise, it will be like that. (Wow.) Imagine if somebody just pushed a button, and nuclear weapons will be shooting out onto innocents. (Yes.) Streets, people, shops and animal-people, they will all die. And the after effects will also kill people, or maim people, or make them deformed. Like Hiroshima before. You know that very well. Even 50 years later, people still suffer from the aftereffects of this nuclear bomb fallout. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, it will be like that, whether or not the video was really or not really taken.

It doesn’t matter. It will be like that anyway. (Yes, Master.) So, maybe that man has been blessed by God with this vision or the vision that you told me before about 2023. It doesn’t matter if somebody sees it or not, or whether or not some people have near-death experiences, or whether or not the video is real or fake. It will be like that. (Oh, gosh.) I just did not want to say anything, because what’s the use? Nobody has been listening to me. I mean, very little, in too small numbers to help anything. Just maybe some help for their own soul’s liberation, but nothing much changed in the world. And I’ve just been so tired to even talk anymore. (Yes, Master.)

It doesn’t help. It just causes me trouble and suffering, pain, sorrow and frustration. If humans don’t change in a critical mass number, some things will be like that, or even worse, because words, videos and photos cannot even express the reality, the real scenery, the mass suffering, and the incredible outcome of it if all these leaders continue to threaten or use nuclear bombs to kill humanity, their own brother and sister humanity. (Yes, Master.)

Now, I read some of the news saying that Putin did not order nuclear bombs. He also mentioned many times that his nuclear bombs are not going to be used for Ukraine, but they say the commanders will or may use it. They say the word “use” but I’m not sure if they will or not. Because the military people don’t always listen to the president – if the president seems to be declining in the grip of power, the political power and commanding power. Do you understand me? (Yes, Master.)

Like in the war, for example, the commanders, and the commanding military leaders, they might just in the heat of it, get mad and want to show their power or want to win, and they’ll just do anything. (Wow. Yes, Master.) It might not be what Putin wants, even if that is Putin still there or it’s just a doppelgänger, body double. (Yes.) It doesn’t matter. And if it is a doppelgänger, meaning body double, it’s even worse. Because the military can do anything. If he’s just a body double, he wouldn’t dare do anything. (Yes, Master.) And who will listen to his orders anyway? They will laugh in his face, and say, “Who are you to tell us what to do?” (Right.) “You are just a fake body double. You know that, so just shut up. Or else.” (Yes, Master)

Oh, God. That is the thing. The real Putin might have made a mistake to invade Ukraine. And now, maybe, even if he’s still alive, it’s too late to recall that. (Yes.) He seems to lose the power of command, lose the grip on the political power in Russia. (Yes, Master.) And even, because they keep losing in Ukraine as well. That’s why also. (Yes.) Now on state-owned TV, they even openly criticize the war, and admit failure and all that stuff. Before they wouldn’t dare. Now, it seems there is more and more criticism of the war in Ukraine. (Yes.)

“Media Report from MSNBC Sept. 12, 2022 Chris Hayes (m): We are seeing a stunning turn of events in Ukraine, six months after Russia’s unprovoked invasion. Ukrainian military has succeeded in taking a broad swath of territory in the northeastern part of the country, forcing Russian soldiers to retreat. Reaction is manifesting in a fascinating way on state TV, where a former opposition lawmaker publicly stated that the current strategy is not working, and argues that Russia needs to make peace.

Russian media monitor guest (m1): We’re now at the point where we have to understand: it’s absolutely impossible to defeat Ukraine using those resources and colonial war methods with which Russia is trying to wage war, using contract soldiers, mercenaries, no mobilization. A strong army is opposing the Russian Army, fully supported by the most powerful countries, in the economic and technological sense, including European countries.

Russian media monitor Host (m2): Are you suggesting military mobilization?

Russian media monitor guest (m1): I’m suggesting peace talks about stopping the war, and moving on to dealing with political issues.

Michael McFaul (m): We’re hearing now in public what a lot of Russian elites have been saying privately. They know this war has not been going well. They’re worried about the long-term durability of it. And now with these incredible victories by the Ukrainian warriors on the battlefield, they’re now starting to say things in public. And it is remarkable that he would be allowed even to say that, on Russian television. Remember, that station is controlled by the Kremlin. It shows that there is a lot of finger-pointing going on now. That suggests there’s disarray and confusion about where this war goes next.”

“Media Report from CNN Oct. 20, 2022 Erin Burnett, News Anchor (f): Mobilization is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for Putin at home. An op-ed in a Russian Daily Newspaper reads, and I want to quote it, because this has actually appeared in Russia: ‘…partial mobilization itself has become a much larger nationwide problem [on the following levels]: social, psychological, managerial, economic, and’ … here are the crucial words, ‘possibly political.’ That’s sort of an incredible thing to think is now appearing in Russian state press. And just listen to what was said on Russian state television, by a war correspondent.

Russian war correspondent (m): We are confronting forces that are quite substantial. In some frontline areas, the enemy outnumbers our forces 4 to 1.”

And the thing is, they don’t have this high morale, you see. They don’t have the drive in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have the drive, because they want to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their country. So, they have this motive, drive, the goal. But the Russians don’t want it. They don’t have this thirst behind them, to give their all to the war in Ukraine. (Yes.) And I read it recently, yesterday or something that the Russian army commanders even left their soldiers behind. They ran. (Wow.) They’re fleeing from the conflict.

And the soldiers are not even well-trained, they just leave them there just to die. Who cares – die or live? (Wow.) So, some of the newly mobilized soldiers, they also flee away and go and hide in the forest. (Wow.) They’re not trained even. The mobilized ones are not trained. Then, even if they had been soldiers before, or those retired soldiers before, now it’s different weapons, different situations. They haven’t touched weapons for years, or they’re not being trained again and again. And some are newer, prisoners and all that. (Yes, Master.) They’re not trained.

So, and then, when their army commanders left, then it’s even worse for their morale. (Yes, Master.) It’s terrible. So, I think, even if Putin is real, he’s losing his grip on commanding power. (Yes.) You understand? (Yes, Master. We understand. Yes.) Did I answer your question, or not yet? Anything else you want to know? (That’s clear, Master.) You’re clear, right? Good. (Thank You. That was clear, Master. Yes.)

Anything else? (Yes, Master. Is there anything we can do to help Ukraine stop the war and to help stop all the suffering in Ukraine?)

Oh man! God has to do that. And we can only pray and hope for the positive. (Yes. Understand Master.) I have been thinking about this for quite some time. But I can’t sleep well. I also can’t meditate well, and recently food doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t taste anything at all. When I eat, I just have to eat it, just so that I can continue to work. I taste nothing. (Wow!) Disappointing. I can’t sleep, can’t eat.

And I was thinking about that. And it’s good you ask me. I’ve been thinking that maybe we should change the name of Ukraine into a different name. (What name Master?) Like, “Ureign” for example. Ureign. Like, “you have sovereignty.” (Wow, yes! That’s a good idea.)

Because I remember before, Vietnam (Âu Lạc) after the war had been under embargo for decades, three decades even. (Yes.) And then, before the embargo ended, I suggested we call them, even though not official, but we call them by the name Âu Lạc. Remember? (Yes, Master.) And then it got better, better and better. And now they really have Âu Lạc. Âu Lạc means âu ca lạc nghiệp, meaning they’ll be prosperous and happy! (Wow, yes.)

It means free. They will feel free, prosperous and happy. That is the name of Âu Lạc, but that coincided with the older name of Vietnam (Âu Lạc), long ago, long ago. (Yes.) Many thousands of years ago. But that also was by the way. And they say it became better. They even were accepted into the World Trade Organization. (Yes.) At that time, even Russia was not accepted, if I remember well. Many countries were not accepted but Vietnam (Âu Lạc) was accepted into the World Trade Organization. That’s very big prestige and good for them. (Yes, indeed.) And now they’re getting better, better all the time. And they’re free to go anywhere – to travel around the world even. (Yes, Master.)

So, because Ukraine – implies the word, “kraine.” It sounds similar to the word “crane,” meaning painful, stressful. When you crane – like you crane your neck, or you crane your body, (Yes, that’s right.) it’s not comfortable. (Yes.) It implies stress and pain. (Yes. That’s true.) So, when you crane yourself, imagine that – your body, or part of your body, it’s not good, is it? (No. Right.) Pain. (That’s true.)

So, I think from now on we include the word Ureign – (Yay. Yes.) to call them. And pray that it gets better for them. U-reign - you reign yourself. (Yes, Master, that’s right.) You have sovereignty. Isn’t that good? (Yes, definitely, very good Master. Wonderful, let’s do that.)

Yes. Because I have seen the history of Ukraine, long, long decades – they always have been invaded by one country after another. (Yes.) Not just Russia. Oh man! How do they survive. I don’t know. So much war all the time! (Yes.) Most of the time. (Yes.) And even then, they survive and they still thrive. And, what did they do? Nothing wrong to anyone. They just do their farming to feed the world. They do nothing wrong. But before, so many countries kept invading them. One after another. (Yes.) Poor people, poor country!

Hopefully the new name will make life better for the Ureignian (Ukrainian) people. (Yes, let’s hope so too. Yes.) (We think it will be better because of the Master Power.) Yeah. Also, this is Universal Master Power, just like initiation. It’s not the names that you repeat, or the mantra, it is the Master who charges it. The Master Power that charges it with power to uplift people, enlighten people, and liberate people. (Yes.)

It’s just like, your check has money or not, as I said. (Yes, Master.) If you don’t have any money in the bank, your check looks the same as the other clients, but it won’t help anything. That’s why not just everyone can give initiation. Not everyone can liberate other souls. It has to be God-ordained. (Understand, Master.) The mandate of God. And then, God transmits the Power to the Master, and the Master can use it. (Right.) (Yes, Master. That’s good.)

Actually, every word has power. You know that. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) And when you say you love somebody, they feel different. (Yes.) And when you curse them or something, they feel different. Or when you threaten them, they feel different. Because the words have energy. (Yes, Master. That’s true.)

“Courtesy of Thisis432 VO (m): This next series of photographs are the work of Japanese researcher, Mr. Masaru Emoto, from his book, ‘The Message from Water.’ Mr. Emoto’s work provides factual evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas, and music affect the molecular structure of water. Please remember that water comprises over 70% of a mature human body, and covers the same amount on our planet. Water is the very source of all life.

Mr. Emoto decided to see how thoughts and words affected the formation of untreated distilled water crystals by typing words onto paper, and then taping this paper onto glass bottles overnight. This photo shows the effects of the words ‘thank you.’ This next photo shows the effects of the words ‘love & appreciation.’ This photo shows the effects of the words ‘you make me sick. I will kill you.’ And here, we can compare the effects of ‘thank you’ with the ‘you make me sick. I will kill you.’ Very, very different geometric forms being incurred through the intention. Now, this photo is of a very polluted and toxic water from the Fujiwara Dam. Here now is the same water from the Fujiwara Dam after a Buddhist monk had offered a prayer over it. Prayer – that sound coupled with intention, seems to have an extraordinary ability of restoring water to its natural, harmonious geometric symmetry.”

That’s why many, for example, politicians use words carefully, to attract votes. That’s why people go ga-ga over singers and pop stars. Because they speak the words that they like to hear. (Yes. Yes, Master.) They use words to put into lyrics, and it’s just what the people like to hear. And that attracts them because the energy is good from their words. (Oh, yes, true. Yes, Master.)

And even we say, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” And anything that was created was from this Word, nothing was not created from this Word. But now you know that Word, because for being short of vocabulary, in the old times, they called it the “Word.” It means the (inner Heavenly) Sound. The (inner Heavenly) Sound that you are hearing every day when you meditate on the Quan Yin. (Yes, Master.) The inner Heavenly Sounds, without any instrument, without music, without anything at all. Because we’re from that.

At the time of initiation, and from then on, you will hear this (inner Heavenly) Music. I mean the inner Heavenly Melody, the Sound of God. Because the Sound is with God and the Sound is God. And now you understand that sentence in the Bible. Don’t you? (Yes, Master. We do. Yes.) Only the initiates understand that. Only the people who practice this Quan Yin Method, or Naam or Sat, Shabd or inner Heavenly Sound, or Kriya. You name it, it’s all meaning the Word of God, the Sound of Heaven, the inner Melody, the True Self, your Original substance, your God-self. Humans have it. If you have a soul, you have it. (Yes, Master.) Humans. That’s why most main good religions say humans are the crown of creation. We are the kings and queens of the Universe. We are God’s children.

It’s a pity. Most people don’t understand this. They know it, but they don’t know it by their own experience, like you do. Like the initiates into Quan Yin Method, or the (inner Heavenly) Sound and Light Method, understand it. Because this is real. Everyone else just talks about it, like you talk about money but you don’t have money. But you guys have money in the bank. And you can talk about it, or not talk about it. (Yes, Master.) But sometimes you forget and you’re tired, you don’t remember how much money you have, but you can always look into the bank book and see. (Yes.)

Just like, sometimes you meditate, you’re tired and you don’t see the (inner Heavenly) Light very well, but the Light is there. And sometimes you just even wake up from meditation, sleepiness, or after you sleep at night, you see the Light. (Yes.) And it’s gone quick from you, because you have just been in the (inner Heavenly) Light and now you wake up to this physical world and the Light seems to be lost at that moment. But you saw the leftover of the (inner Heavenly) Light.

Even I had some operation before, due to the karma of the world. But when I woke up from the anesthesia, I still saw the (inner Heavenly) Light (Wow.) or whatever the vision there. My body may not have been able to move, my eyes couldn’t open yet, I couldn’t talk yet, but I still saw the (inner Heavenly) Light. (Yes, Master.) That means that during the operation, I was there all the time with the (Inner Heavenly) Light. (Yes, Master.) […]

Every word we speak has color, has shape, has energy. That’s why animal-people, they don’t learn English ever, but they do understand everything you say in English. (Oh.) Well, my dog-persons do. That’s the evidence I know. (Yes.) And even one tried to speak English, and telling me, “I love You,” “Hallo,” and all that.

I never taught her. It’s just I always keep telling them, “I love you, I love you,” every day. And so, she knows that it’s a word. (Yes, Master.) Even when I said that to her, or to all of the dog-persons, or to each of them, or to some of them, sometimes it depends. Even if I don’t touch them, or I don’t kiss them or hug them – even if I just say that from a corner of the room, they understand that word, because it produces the loving energy, the comfortable, soothing energy to them. And it portrays in the universal language something that they know. They know what it means. (Yes, Master.)

And they understood all that I said. Well, I don’t talk all day with them, of course. I talk whatever necessary. They have understood everything ever since I adopted them already. It’s not like, OK, they’ve been with me many years so they understood what I said. It’s not like that. They understood immediately. (Wow.)

Oh, I love the animal-people so much. And you don’t know. I told you about the zoo, wherever I go. (Yes.) They don’t just come for food. They come because they want to tell me something. They want to attract my attention. They tell me many things – (Wow.) good or bad, warning or comforting, about things that are soon to come, very near. Some of them cannot see far into the future, but near. Some near, like the end of the year, for example, or at the beginning of next year, something like that. A couple of years maybe, but not long. Some can see longer.

And even like, for example, the seagull-people, I fed them already. I didn’t think they have anything to say. They were eating, eating full, and still standing there, staring at me through the window or something. And then I realized that she/he wants to tell me something. And then I listened, of course. Because I’m busy. I can’t just keep looking at bird-people all the time. I feed them when I feel they are hungry, and from love.

And I always tell them, “This is from God. I only do that through God’s Grace. You have to remember God and thank God. And if you have done anything wrong in the past life or this life, you have to always ask God for forgiveness, humbly.” And I advise humans: you should do it now already. Please, please, please. If you don’t listen to me at all whatsoever, whatever I say, just forget all of it, but please, just ask God, sincerely, humbly, honestly – ask God to, “Please forgive me.”

Just ask God to forgive you. Please, do that with sincerity, with utmost repentance, with utmost sincerity, utmost humility. Then, maybe God forgives you, gives you another chance so you don’t have to go to hell. Please. I cannot help you, because you don’t let me. So, please remember that. Ask God to forgive you. God always can forgive, but you have to be truly humble, sincere, honest, and truly, truly repent in your heart.

Anything else? (Yes.)

“Media Report from People – Oct. 24, 2022 Reporter(f): A new UK prime minister has been selected to replace Liz Truss – 42-year-old Rishi Sunak, serving as United Kingdom’s third premier in an eight-week span.”

(Master, the UK has a new PM now.) Congratulations to him. England is very generous – producing three prime ministers in a month. More or less. I hope he stays long and does a good job for the British people, and also earns respect in the world. (Yes.) We congratulate him. And may God help him to do a good job, as he wishes to do. (Yes.)

Any other questions, my love? (No, Master.) Good. Then, I hope to have a chance to talk to you again next time. I’m not in an easy situation. I can’t always promise. I will try. (Understand, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) If it gets better, I will talk to you earlier or more often and read you stories and all that. (Thank You, Master.) I pray and you pray so my situation gets better and then, we can converse better. (Yes, we hope Master gets better.) God Love, God loves you. (Thank You, Master, for Your time today. Thank You, Master.) God Love. God Bless. (God Bless. God protect Master, always.) And I love you. (Thank You, Master. We love You too, Master. We love You too.)

We are in deepest gratitude for Merciful Master’s continuous and loving encouragement for humanity to urgently embrace positive change in order to save itself. Our sincere prayers are offered for the immediate awakening of leaders and nations to the only lasting solution guaranteeing a peaceful future – the benevolent vegan way of life. By allowing God’s Wisdom to teach us, we will rediscover the awesome gift of free will – the determination to take a nobler and kinder path. May Cherished Master always be in a very safe and favorable living situation, enjoying comfort and good health, in the mighty Protection of all Gracious Godses.

To learn if the concerns over the threat by artificial intelligence on humanity are justified, accompanied by related stories from other planets, told by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), please tune in on Thursday, November 24, 2022, to Between Master and Disciples, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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