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Sharing Love Through Food: Loving Hut Vegan Supply

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In today’s program “Sharing Love through Food: Loving Hut Vegan Supply,” we invite you to visit two companies, one in Korea and the other in America, and explore vegan food distribution for Loving Hut restaurants and the public. The Loving Hut family is a model of a peaceful, vegan business, inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her love for all beings. Thanks to serious concerns about the severe and destructive impact of meat consumption on the environment and human health as well as its causing of tremendous animal cruelty, the vegan food industry has been rapidly expanding and providing the main source of meat alternatives for daily meals. Loving Hut restaurants and the citizens of Korea are fortunate to have access to a diverse selection of vegan products through a very popular distributor, Loving Hut Vegan Supply. According to the owner, Mr. Oh Jong-cheol, the company has been widely recognized and is successfully distributing ever more plant-based foods throughout the country. “Loving Hut Vegan Supply provides vegan products and distributes goods produced at the Loving Hut factory to local stores. And we are also researching vegan foods and offering consultation about vegan ingredients to our customers. We mainly distribute organic and non-GMO products. That is Loving Hut’s policy and goal. The foundation of Loving Hut Vegan Supply is based on "love for life.” And we started with a motto: peace and coexistence between all beings Since then, we have continued with a vision to achieve love and make peace through veganism.” The Loving Hut Vegan Supply in the USA, and their online shopping website, carry various Asian and Western vegan selections from V-protein and other groceries, to vegan foods for pets. Ms. Aihoa Lam, Operations Manager of Loving Hut Vegan Supply in the USA, tells us more about this noble business. “EcoVegan was originally founded by Supreme Master Ching Hai to screen and provide clean, non-GMO vegan food and eco-friendly supplies to Loving Hut restaurants and all the [vegan] restaurants in the United States. Currently, EcoVegan has 10 employees that supply approximately 40 Loving Hut restaurants and all the vegan restaurants in the United States, with over US$2 million in annual revenue. Loving Hut can be seen as the ultimate animal activist company representing peace, love, and compassion toward all beings on this precious planet. Loving Hut works hand in hand with Supreme Master Television in promoting veganism.” We’d also like to offer our sincere gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai for enlightening us on the importance of being vegan and helping the world, as well as Her infinite grace leading us towards the Truth.
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