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Manoj Gogoi: The Animal Rescuer of Assam

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Manoj Gogoi, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient, has rescued over 5,000 different birds, reptiles, and mammals in the vicinity of the Kaziranga National Park in the Indian state of Assam. His passion and love for animals have made him a local hero. Manoj was born in 1975, and after finishing secondary school, he worked as a guide in Kaziranga National Park. In 2005, he met raptor specialist Dr. Ashok Verma from the Bombay Natural History Society. This encounter became a turning point in his life. Mr. Gogoi later took up Dr. Verma’s offer and learned much about birds and wildlife in his 3-month stay in Mumbai. In 2008, he created the Naturalists for Rehabilitation of Snakes and Birds (NRSB) to rescue and rehabilitate more animals. The non-profit’s mission is: “To stop the degradation of Mother Nature and to conserve, rescue and provide medical aid to injured wildlife and rehabilitate wild animals, snakes, and birds to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.” Eventually, more than 100 youths from the area assisted him in rescuing more than 500 animals. Through this work and naturalist training camps he has held, he has planted benevolent seeds into the hearts of these youngsters and helped in raising their love and respect for all living beings. In 2014, in recognition of his fine care for fauna, he was awarded the title, “Wildlife Warrior” by the Corbett Foundation. Regarding the animal denizens of Kaziranga, Manoj stated, “They are my children, and I am their mother. I will protect them with my life.” In recognition of his efforts in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, Manoj Gogoi was presented the India Star Passion Award in 2019 for Social Service (Environment) by the India Star Book of Records. The gentleman is also very concerned about global warming. He emphasizes that humanity needs to take the blame for polluting the environment, and asks all to nurture our world.
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