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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Quotes: Livestock sector is the major driver of Global Deforestation

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Rainforests in 1950 were 36 million square kilometers, and then it goes to 19 million square kilometers in 2003.

Loss worldwide per day: Every day, the rainforest loses an area the size of Munich in Germany, every day, many thousands of square kilometers.

So 2003 is like this. And now every day, burning and climate change and dry and die like that, don’t know what is it now.

Deforestation in Borneo (Asian island): In 1950, it looked green like that. In 1985, it’s less green. In 2020, maybe very little left of anything.

“Rainforest Losses from Clearance and Grazing.” You see, this is cattle per kilometers. This green area means no cattle, no deforestation. Red area means one to 300 cattle per square kilometer. And then the black area means more than 300 cattle per square kilometer. Oh, my God!

“The cost of deforestation is two to five trillion (US dollars) per year.”

“Forty percent of black carbon is from open fires.”

And then, “Carbon emissions from deforestation (and other land use changes) account for 25% of global CO2 emissions.” On top of fossil fuels and meat diet and all that, 25% extra from burnt forest, from making land to graze, for the animal grazing or feeding. This is a World Preservation Foundation report, and also FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) report.

“Lord Stern of Brentford, United Kingdom, lead author of the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, proposed the avoidance of deforestation as a most economic method of managing greenhouse gas emissions. Ninety-one percent of the cleared Amazonian forest since 1970, the lungs of our Earth, can be directly or indirectly attributed to cattle raising. And in fact, the UN FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) stated that the livestock sector is the major driver of global deforestation.” And deforestation means also more methane gas, less oxygen.

“Deforestation caused by the beef industry is due to the large amount of land needed for grazing and feed crop production.” Oh, my God!

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