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Mindful Breathing and Meditation

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As we move into the Golden Age, more and more people are interested in taking up the practice of meditation. If you have wondered why someone would spend a small part of their day sitting still with their eyes closed, then this is the show for you! Please be aware that although various meditation techniques will be discussed on this program, this does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any of them.

Mindful meditation is one technique that some advocate to soothe the mind and regain a sense of peace and centeredness. A very basic form of mindful meditation is deep breathing. Greater Good in Action, a project in the US sponsored by the University of California- Berkeley and HopeLab, has published online a description of how to practice this particular method. A slightly more advanced, but still very simple, form of meditation that some practice every day is “Mindful Breathing.” The Buddhist Centre, a website created by the Triratna Buddhist Order, describes a four-step process for the Mindful Breathing practice.

In a December 11, 2010 lecture in Cancún, Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai discussed the blessings that the air provides to us and the spiritual benefits of breathing. “And the air you breathe, just breathing it in, the air blesses you 15%. The trees bless you, even the plants bless you, the flowers in the garden bless you, the sand on the beach blesses you. Even the flies bless you. The bees — the bees... bzzzzz! — bless you. They don’t only work to help you to pollinate the fruit and the vegetables, they also give you their spiritual power.”“This breathing is very good for you. Even if you choose another method of meditation, you breathe. All the good information is in the air — you breathe in, you assimilate information.”“All, the whole universe, are blessing us. We are very lucky. Please, just be conscious. Try to be conscious and remember and feel it. Feel it. If you keep breathing the way they have taught you, and conscious of taking in the blessing and breathing out the blessing — I also tell people the same — and also less meat, after a few weeks you will feel like a different person.”

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