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Natural Herbal Hair Dyes You Can Make At Home

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Varying the way we look is often an easy way to bring about a quick, fun shift in our lives. On today’s show, we explore the options to create homemade hair dyes using plant-based ingredients.

Manufactured hair dyes vary considerably in their chemical make-up. Permanent hair dyes are prone to cause allergic reactions. Semi-permanent hair dyes contain no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide; therefore they do not penetrate the cortex of the hair shaft. Natural Semi-Permanent hair dyes are often a combination of henna and herbal dyes. Temporary hair dyes come in fun, bright shades like purple, blue, yellow, red, green, etc. However, temporary hair coloring products may contain skin-irritating chemical compounds and their molecules are large enough to sit on the outside of the hair shaft and will wash out with one shampoo.

Making hair dyes out of herbs, fruits, vegetables or herbal teas are popular ways to color one’s hair naturally. Of all herbal hair dye ingredients, henna has been a long-standing favorite. Most natural dyes are considered semi-permanent. Tea-based ones will last a few weeks, while henna-based dyes last for months.

Debra Maslowski, a staff writer for, has a method to create natural hair dyes at home that appears easy enough for anyone interested in DIY coloring to perform. What homemade plant-based hair dyes are best at is bringing out our natural color, not necessarily changing the color greatly. A word of caution is probably helpful here: please purchase henna products that are not animal-tested and contain 100% animal-free, natural ingredients.

On today’s program, we have shared the compelling benefits of making effective natural hair dyes at home. By creating our own hair coloring, we reduce the high costs of regularly purchasing commercial hair dyes and the money saved can be used for other needs! Furthermore, with the DIY method, we can improve the quality of our hair in terms of volume, shine, and suppleness. And we gain all these advantages while avoiding contact with harsh chemicals!

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