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Meat is Destroying our Future: “Meatonomics” Author David Simon (vegan)

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David Simon is an accomplished American lawyer, dedicated vegan, and a board member of the non-profit Animal Protection & Rescue League. He has made the public aware of the perils of consuming animal-people products through his book entitled, “Meatonomics: How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much, and How to Eat Better, Live Longer, and Spend Smarter.”

What Mr. Simon learned was that the meat and dairy industry purposely conceal animal-people abuse, and helped to overhaul anti-cruelty laws that once may have protected industrially raised animal-persons. Thankfully, compassionate animal defenders like Mr. Simon help bring to light harmful legislation that many people do not know about. “The main reason why I wrote this book is these customary farming exemptions that I would like to talk about for a little bit. Thirty-seven states have adopted these by statute, the remaining states have adopted them through judicial decision-making, also known as the common law. It is legal to intentionally torture a farm animal. It is legal to do virtually anything to a farm animal.”

In “Meatonomics,” Mr. Simon explores an ongoing occurrence that many view as unjust. “Animal food producers in this country are externalizing the majority of their costs – which is to say they’re imposing those costs on consumers and taxpayers.” Mr. Simon says the cost of industrial operations raising animal-folk to American taxpayers and consumers is approximately US$414 billion annually. Included in that figure are expenses related to environmental damage and subsidies given to producers, as well as a huge healthcare bill.

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has candidly spoken about the need for an immediate change in how we treat animal-people. On March 24, 2020, She addressed the adoption of Vegan Law in “Supreme Master Ching Hai’s URGENT Message to All World Leaders and Governments.” “On one hand, we say that we make the law to protect animals from harm, from maltreatment or pain or fear of any kind. But on the other hand, just brutally murder them outright en masse, and given so much, so much unspeakable torturing before their death. The fact is, THERE IS NO HUMANE SLAUGHTER, no such thing as lawful murder en masse of the innocents. Please DECLARE VEGAN LAW, NOW. NO MORE ANIMALS- SUFFERING PRODUCTS of any kind. MAKE THE VEGAN LAW AND SIGN IT.”
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