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Earthquake Relief Update in Taiwan (Formosa)

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When two earthquakes struck southeastern Taiwan (Formosa) on September 17 and September 18, 2022, Supreme Master Ching Hai immediately conveyed Her concern for the welfare of the most vulnerable. In response to Her request, our Taiwanese (Formosan) Association members checked the affected areas and went to provide help as needed. The following is a follow-up report to their initial relief activities.

September 30, 2022 Most Merciful Master, Earthquake Relief Update in Taiwan (Formosa)

Hualien County: On September 20, our Hualien Association members contacted the village offices and county social departments of Yuli, Zhuoxi, and Fuli townships. After finding that the afflicted people were still in need of many basic necessities, our Association members distributed over 200 relief packages and 100 cases of drinking water on September 22 and 24. We also gave them Master’s publications and Supreme Master TV flyers, along with encouragement to adopt a vegan diet for the natural peace and balance that would avoid such catastrophes. We also asked them to call us if they needed any other basic supplies.

For the damaged buildings in Zhuoxi and Fuli Townships, the local government has carried out a disaster survey and will make the necessary repairs. Some NGOs are also helping with home repairs. In addition, the Health Bureau has informed the Social Department about any injured persons who might need assistance.

On our previous visit, the Chunri village social worker mentioned that the earthquake had broken their drinking water pipes, and she hoped we could help repair them. Fortunately, we found that government-related departments are handling that issue.

“Your loving care, God sees it.”

“Thank You, Master, for being so caring and helping the disaster-stricken areas. On behalf of our villagers in Fuli Village, I would like to express the greatest respect to Master. Thank You.”

“I am here to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her Love this time. Supreme Master Ching Hai is concerned about the hardship of the village people as a result of this earthquake. As village chief, I thank Her very much and hope that one day in the future, we will have the opportunity to repay our Supreme Master Ching Hai. Thank You.”

“Thank You. Thanks.”

Taoyuan: For the one person who sadly passed away in the earthquake, our Taoyuan Association members gave TWD11,000 (US$346) on September 24 to the deceased person’s family members, along with several of Master’s publications. We conveyed Master’s condolences to them and said that we hoped the Love of the Buddha would pacify the family’s deep sorrow.

Taitung County: The Taitung County Health Bureau informed us that up to now, 57 people have been reported injured, with just one who is still hospitalized.

On September 29, our Association members went to visit a family of four in Luye Township that have been living in tents since the earthquake because their house and restaurant was damaged. The building’s beams and columns were cracked, shifted and tilted to one side, while the door frame was bent, making it impossible to open and close. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Our Association members gave them fruit gift boxes and several of Master’s publications, explaining that veganism can bring peaceful energy and reduce epidemics and disasters. Additionally, they recommended that the restaurant transition to a vegan menu. The restaurant owner expressed a similar sentiment, stating that they had been vegetarians with their father decades ago and will seriously consider changing to a vegan restaurant. They expressed their gratitude to the Association for its care and advice, giving them a new direction to stand up again. They also thanked Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her compassion and care for the victims.

“(Please) convey to Her (Supreme Master Ching Hai), we all have received Her Love. We are grateful. Thank you for coming to help me.”

“Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai, and these association members for coming to console us. We really appreciate it.”

Our centers continue working together to see if any earthquake-affected people still need urgent help. We are deeply thankful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for the opportunity to serve our fellow citizens in need. We aspire to follow Master's footsteps and work with selfless devotion in all that we do. Our sincere gratitude for God’s infinite and boundless blessings. With our Love and Respect, From all Formosa Centers/ Contact Persons

Upon reading this report, our Beloved Master expressed Her gratitude: “Dear Loving Souls, Thank you again for your updated report, which gives some comfort to my heart. The fact that you are so concerned and render help to the disaster victims also offers me some peace of mind. And I am glad that the government was speedy in taking care of the affected. May they find renewed strength to continue life as normal as can be with the inner faith and comfort from the Buddhas. And may you all be blessed.” 

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