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Holy Songs - Songs of Prayer and Repentance

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Since ancient times, humans have expressed their love and longing for God through singing and music. These holy songs connect us with the Divine and remind us of our heavenly Home. As humanity continues to face the effects of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and other forms of suffering, it’s critical that we reflect on our past collective behavior that led to these negative events, repent deeply, pray to God for forgiveness, and ask for Hiers Divine Guidance.

The first song, “Embrace,” is written by Nathaniel and Mary Grace Dela Peña in response to the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. “Embrace each other, live together, Hold in Your Love, trust Your Plan, God, Obey Thy Teaching, Thy Beseeching. Tis our prayer, we come unto Thee.”

Next is “Forgive Me” written by Scott Dyer and sung by the Australian Christian pop and rock singer, Rebecca St. James. “You see the tears fall down my face. Forgive me Take my fear, Lord, take my shame. Lord, forgive me now Purify me, make me new. Like only You can do. Forgive me.”

The last song “Come Holy Spirit” is a classic written by the famous contemporary Christian singer and song-writer couple, Bill and Gloria Gaither, in 1964. “Come, Holy Spirit, I need You. Come, Holy Spirit, I pray. Come with Your Strength and Your Power Come in Your own special way. Come like a spring in the desert Come to the weary of soul. O let Your sweet healing Power Touch me and make me whole.”

In a January 26 conference with Supreme Master TV team members, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized the importance of “repentance” during this crucial time. “So, people in the world, they have to truly repent. They have to sincerely repent like they need air to live. So urgent as if they need air to live, like when you get COVID, and you cannot breathe. So, praying like that, praying like it’s your last prayer ever, like you will never have a chance to pray again. Pray like all your life and everything else that you treasure depends on it. Pray as if you are drowning and you need air, and turn vegan and repent, of course.”
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