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Animal World: Our Co-inhabitants

Upliftment Through Laughter with the Gregarious Animal-People

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Have you ever heard of laughter therapy? Laughter therapy is an approach that is used to lift people’s moods and reduce stress and anxiety. While people might enjoy things like laughter yoga, laughter groups, or even clown doctors, many people have their very own comedians in their homes. These natural comedians are quite simply our beloved animal-people family members who keep us chuckling and giggling with their antics, play, and gregarious affection.

For any of you who have ever brought an adorable dog- or cat-person baby into your home, you will know that their antics and playfulness lift the spirits. Humans also seem to take great delight in the playfulness that occurs between different types of animal-people. The play between smaller and larger animal-people especially seems to spark a lot of chuckles in humans. Beloved animal-people family members often bring connection and harmony to the family through their comedic actions.

As you’ve learned, animal-people can indeed laugh. We animal folk can also express our humor in various ways such as wagging our tails, grinning, hopping, dancing, wiggling our bodies, and interacting with you in cheeky ways. Bird-people family members may also make you chuckle in their own ways.

People also derive so much joy and laughter when they relate stories about their animal-people companion’s escapades, unique personalities, and special moments to other people. Consider this story and the laughter that ensued when Supreme Master Ching Hai told the story of Her dog-person companion, Benny.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken about the divine nature of animal-people, and it may surprise you. “The animal-people come to this planet with a special role. Many of them are able to bring down divine power from Heaven, or love, just through their presence because they are very connected with the Divine at all times. Some, like horse- and rabbit-people, can protect their human caregivers from negative influences, or boost them with good health, good luck, even material fortune, joy, or spiritual upliftment. They watch out for us quietly and humbly send blessings our way. Some of them are from higher levels of consciousness; they only came down in animal-people form to help humankind or other beings on Earth.”

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