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A Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) for Supreme Master Television’s 4th Anniversary

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Hi, everyone, all noble souls. I just want to thank you, everyone on this planet whoever contributed, and are contributing, and will be contributing for the Supreme Master Television over the years.

On this occasion of the 4th anniversary, and it’s also approaching World Animal Day, 4th of October, I’m thanking all of you who also ever contributed, are contributing, and will be contributing for the welfare of the animals, our co-inhabitants, our helpers, our friends, the animals on this planet, in any way possible, with all your love and effort. Thank you all for your time, your dedication. May God bless all of you. May God show you Hiers Love, Hiers Grace, Hiers Blessing all your life, and also your families and friends.

We are working together for a more benevolent planet, passionately and devotedly, together, same direction, same goal, same ideal. So we are together, united and strong, and we can be only stronger and more united as the days go by. We will not stop. We will not waver. We will not be distracted or discouraged in any way. I’m very proud to be by your side. I’m very proud to work with you, noble, loving, kind, compassionate souls of this generation.

May God support us all. May God bless us all. May God keep us strong and steady on our journey to help this planet to be an Eden on Earth, where all beings never have to fear one another. May all beings live in peace, happiness and Blessings from God Almighty and all Heavens above. Amen.

My Love to all of you. My thanks to all of you. My blessings to all of you, if God gives me any blessings to give. We thank God for everything that we have, all the strength that we have, and all the blessings every day.

Thank You, my Lord, for all of us on Earth.
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