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Animal Species with Strong Family Bonds

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In today’s program, we will share with you some amazing animals who have strong relationships with one another, and who display a deep loving connection within their family. Our species, the Eurasian wolf, is the subspecies of the grey wolf. We wolves may look tough, but our hearts are warm and soft. We are extremely loyal, and family is a priority for us. You know, living together in a pack helps to strengthen the bonds between members. The strong ones take care of the weak. The wise share their knowledge and experience. Just like wolves, elephants live in a structured social order called a herd, led by the oldest and wisest female. While males leave the herd and live alone when they reach adulthood, females spend their whole lives with their families and friends.

In 2008 researchers spotted a group of 15 dolphins teaming up to help save their injured friend. Amazing! Dolphins like to help each other whenever possible. They are good at teamwork, even in dating.

Pigs love to eat, sleep, and play with each other in small groups. Like elephants, these groups have a matriarchal family structure, which means that females hold the positions of power. Members of a group are also so close together that female pigs help nursing, teaching, and taking care of each other’s piglets as well as their own. Sure! The same goes for cows. The strong bond that they have with their family and friends can last for their entire lives. Indeed, if a mother cow starts to see any signs of her calf being separated from her, she will quickly become alarmed and angry, and then cry and bellow for hours. I found a heartbreaking video from New Zealand of a mother cow chasing after her calves who were being taken away on a truck.

So... what makes strong family bonds? The answer is simple: unconditional love. It’s when one is always willing to be there for others, and always puts them first. Please make the connection: Animals are just the same as humans in our love for our family and friends. We all deserve to live happily together too. If you haven’t already, please eat a noble diet: Be vegan! Please help to make the world become a place filled with only love, peace, and harmony.

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