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Positive Changes in Countries

Positive Changes in Countries Part 28 of a Multi-part Series – Incredible Governments, Incredible Citizens: Iceland, India, Indonesia

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Iceland is a Nordic island country famous for its breathtaking natural landscapes of mountains, glaciers, and healing hot springs. Despite its small population of 342,000, Iceland is a highly developed country. Today, 100% of Iceland’s electricity is renewable, with hydro- and geothermal electricity contributing 75% and 25%, respectively. Geothermal energy also provides 87% of the nation’s hot water and space heating. In 2018, Iceland was ranked by culinary website Chef’s Pencil as the most vegan-friendly country in the world. There is even a Vegan Iceland phone application, and one Icelandic vegan Facebook group has more than 22,000 members!

Located in South Asia, India has a rich and glorious spiritual history, with civilizations that date back to ancient times. India is the home of many great enlightened Masters, including Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak, Shakyamuni Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Baba Sawan Singh, and more. With a long history of successful vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, it is estimated that 20-40% of Indian people are lacto-vegetarians. In fact, the city of Palitana in Gujarat, India, has completely banned animal slaughtering as well as the selling and consuming of eggs and meat. Palitana has thus become the world’s very first all-vegetarian city.

With 270 million people who call Indonesia their home, this island country is, amazingly, the fourth most populous in the world! With over 1300 ethnic groups and 700 local languages, Indonesia honors its multi-cultural citizens. The nation’s tropical climate and island geography support greatly diverse ecosystems. Many are now protected through Indonesia’s creation of over 50 national parks in the last 30 years. Nine of these parks also safeguard marine life, while six have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Indonesian cuisine is vegan-friendly by nature. The Indonesian island of Bali is often listed among the most vegan-friendly destination in the world.

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