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Master's Reply Regarding 2021 Lunar New Year's Well-wishes from Taiwanese (Formosan) Disciples

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To beloved Master:
The elevated stairway to the True Home radiates in boundless glory Oh! Just one glance back Lingering clouds of ignorance, calls of beings waiting for liberation. You work day after day, guiding the lost souls to find their way back. As the New Year draws near, We devote in all humbleness for the blessing of God Our most beloved Master We will follow Your every step, to help our fellow brethren in awakening. May the eternal light grace our Earth and beyond. Our heartfelt prayer to Master for a year of success and attainment.
Best regards, From disciples in Taiwan (Formosa)

Uplifted Taiwanese (Formosan) disciples, Your profound words express the thoughts of many on this planet, especially ours, deeply. We appreciate your heartline and pray that all beings find salvation in the Buddha’s grace.

Master has a message for you:
“Beloved gentle ones in Taiwan (Formosa), many thanks for the well-wishes to ring in this auspicious Lunar New Year. May all your noble resolutions to help brighten our world and bring comfort to others meet with success, under Heavens’ guidance. I also pray for all beings’ safe journey returning Home to the Kingdom of God and that their temporary stay on this Earthly realm is a comfortable one, with angels and Divine beings protecting their every step. May you and precious Taiwan (Formosa) be blessed in Divine magnificence.”

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