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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Tom Justyniarski’s Pedagogy of Love

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Today we are delighted to introduce Mr. Tom Justyniarski, Polish author and educator who imparts the noble ideals of love, empathy and respect among children for our animal friends. Mr. Justyniarski is the author of 11 acclaimed storybooks for children of Poland. Based on the true story of Betty, a dog in his younger life, “Dogs’ Worries” won the award from Poland’s Ministry of Education and is included in the reading curriculum for school children.

Mr. Justyniarski has visited 300,000 school children with programs such as “Lessons of Love for Animals” and the Window of Life project known as “Kids are reading the animals in the shelters.” “It happened that animals in my life had always had a very important place. It happened that as a child I learnt how to communicate with them, understand them.” “I realized that hope is in kids and kids made me dream that I would like to change the next generation of kids for kids, who will be sensitive, who will have open Light, who will have open hearts and who will live in paradise. I feel this kid energy which got activated and this one which there is. I feel my mission and know very well, that I am going to do it.”

To honor his uplifting work, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai gratefully offered Tom Justyniarski the Shining World Compassion Award and “a token of support of US$10,000 with all love, and best wishes for further success in bringing love to many corners of our world.” “I saw this as a crystal palace, crystal palace of my soul. And a crystal heart now is coming from Supreme Master. And this is incredible.” “We thank You for being (here); for supporting us; for that we can also shine; for that we can unite; for that we are one.”

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