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The Venerated Mahatma Koot Hoomi (vegetarian): Ascended Master and World Teacher

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The Venerated Mahatma Koot Hoomi, also known as Kuthumi or K. H., is one of the great Masters of Ancient Wisdom. Incarnating again and again, the compassionate Savior’s mission is to aid humanity in their spiritual evolution. In His last incarnation as Master Koot Hoomi, He was instrumental in the founding of the Theosophical Society. Alongside Lord Jesus Christ, the Venerated Mahatma Koot Hoomi now serves as World Teacher in the spiritual Hierarchy for this planet. Master Koot Hoomi is one of the Seven Lords of Rays in the Hierarchy closest to humanity. He is the Lord of the Second Ray of Divine Illumination. His predominant quality is wisdom, and His specific sphere of influence is culture, particularly in religion, art, and education.

Some of the core concepts of Master Koot Hoomi’s teachings are recorded in “The Teachings of Master Koot Hoomi.” For instance, “OM” is the origin of all sounds. Also, whenever a man attains the level of a Master, it is itself a celebration of Truth. Although Truth is steadfast and does not vary, its manifestations are diverse, since each soul is different. The Path of Synthesis is an acceptance of Truth in all its diversified forms. Furthermore, Master Koot Hoomi taught that there are Solar and Lunar Dynasties. Solar rays, specific individual souls that directly reach the Earth, as well as self-realized beings, belong to the Solar Dynasty. Lunar beings, people who possess knowledge of the fivefold world of five elements, and lunar rays that reach the Earth via the Moon, form the Lunar Dynasty.

Master Koot Hoomi emphasized the importance of strictly adhering to the teachings and wisdom of a true Master without deviation in order to do work that brings lasting merit. Furthermore, until humanity realizes how crucial it is to protect and preserve all the life forms around him, such as other fellow humans, animals, plants, minerals, and other valued resources of the Earth, humanity cannot be regarded as erudite or illumined. Master Koot Hoomi expounded that one should be selfless like Nature. By being selfless, one can break the chains of bondage and be free. Moreover, the key to happiness is service. Service, seeing oneself in others, is the doorway to immortality.

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