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Homemade Vegan Dog Food Cooking on Eat Move Rest With Vegans Erin and Dusty Stanczyk

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Welcome to today’s show, “Homemade Vegan Dog Food Cooking on Eat Move Rest With Vegans Erin and Dusty Stanczyk.” Inspired by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, at age 25 and 26, Erin and Dusty opted for a vegetarian diet. Today, the vibrant and joyful couple, Erin and Dusty, will show us that cooking homemade vegan dog food can be easy and fun. “We’ve got another nutritious and delicious recipe for you guys today. But it’s not technically for you guys; this one is for your fur babies.” “The bulk of your recipe is going to be these three items. We’ve got two cups of green lentils, two cups of brown rice, and about two medium diced sweet potatoes. Like I said, this is the bulk; this is going to be most of the calories.” “OK. All you’ve got to do is pour these into an instant pot and then fill your instant pot about three-quarters with water. Once you have those in the pot, close it and make sure it’s not vented and set it for 30 minutes.” “This is after about 35 minutes in the instant pot. It looks incredible; it’s creamy, it’s smooth, its juicy.” “The next step is to use an immersion blender to puree your dog food.” “We’re going to add in our two cups of leafy greens, and then Beau’s other favorite, our three carrots. We’re going to add it to our berries. Now I’m going to give that a quick stir. Now we’re going to add in our nutritional yeast, our ground flaxseed, our flax (seed) oil, and last but not least, our supplements. We’ve got our Vegedog with all of our vitamins and minerals, our green powder Green Mush, and our Cranimals. Dinner is almost served. So, we’re going to take our homemade vegan dog food, and we’re going to put it on top as gravy.” “Again, feel free to get creative with it, but do your research to find out what dogs can and cannot consume.”
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