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The Dawn of Benevolent Animal Testing

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I was nominated today to speak on behalf of the nearly 200 million animals used in laboratory experiments worldwide annually with mice and rats accounting for the vast majority of lab animals. We BALB/c mice are one of the most used types and are laboratory-bred albino house mice. Since the 1920s, we have been bred for disease modeling and gene manipulation, and sold in large quantities, as if we are an impersonal product. Our lives are filled with unspeakable nightmares due to the endless experiments we endure. In addition to its limitations, animal experimentation is immoral and should be banned.
We animals can feel pain and experience happiness and have the ability to suffer and enjoy life just like humans do. We should share the same moral status as humans and deserve equal treatment. The late Dr. Tom Regan, who was a philosophy professor at North Carolina State University, USA, said, “Animals have a basic moral right to respectful treatment. This inherent value is not respected when animals are reduced to being mere tools in a scientific experiment.”
Vitrocell Systems, a German-based biotech company, has developed human-cell based exposure systems for inhalation toxicology research. The device imitates what happens when chemicals enter the human lungs. Multiple human cell cultures can be exposed to a wide range of airborne forms of substances, such as cosmetics, household and industrial chemicals, cigarette smoke, and pathogens. With the help of this wonderful invention, it is no longer necessary to force we mice to inhale toxic materials and die for these lung function tests. Organoids and organs-on-chips are two promising technologies that are helping end the brutal testing on us lab animals. It’s easy to see that since there are so many animal-free testing alternatives already available, that it’s time to replace the needless animal experiments. It’s time to abandon the horrendous, unethical, and useless animal testing and redirect resources to building up a humane experimentation system.

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