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Traditional Indonesian Savory Snack: Crispy Fried Vegan Pastel

Language:English,Indonesian(Bahasa Indonesia)
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Welcome to today’s show, where we will show you how to make a traditional Indonesian snack, crispy fried pastel. Pastel is a delicious savory snack that is sold by street vendors and in markets throughout Indonesia. It consists of a thin pie crust filled with vegetables and then deep-fried. “Today, I invite all of you to join me in making one of Indonesia’s favorite snacks called pastel. When making pastels, we will go through two processes. The first is making the outer dough, and the second process is making the filling.” “We will dice the potato into small pieces like cubes. Next, we are going to cut the carrot.” “Next, we’re going to cut the celery.” “The ingredients for the filling are ready now. We will then make the dough for the skin. First we will use 500 grams of flour. Then we will put 100 grams of (vegan) margarine. Next, we will also add one teaspoon of salt. After that, we’ll add water a little at a time while stirring. We’ll keep kneading it until it becomes a smooth paste, and there’s no leftover flour.” “Then we leave it. We cover it with a cloth. While waiting, we will make the filling. Next, we’re going to cook all of these together.” “We’ve already let our dough rest for 20 minutes; it has become bigger like this.” “And then we divide it into several portions. We are going to shape it into a round ball. We flatten it more or less like this and then we fill it.” “First, we fold it like this, and we seal the edges tightly. Then from one end, we crimp the edges like a rainbow.” “I will put oil in the pan. We pour the oil to fill half of the pan. OK. We can turn on the fire.“ “We will now put one into the oil, and it starts frying, then we can put some more. We leave them, but we also can’t let them stick together. So we need to separate them and then let them continue frying. And we can reduce the fire when it looks slightly golden brown like this, then we can try to flip it.” “Tadaa! This is one of our very delicious Indonesian snacks, pastels. Thank you for watching.”
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