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Reverend Pastor Robert Munro (vegan) of The Humanitarian Church

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Reverend Pastor Robert Munro, or as he likes to be called, Pastor Rob, is the founder of The Saint Francis of Assisi Parish of The Humanitarian Church – a whole food, plant-based vegan house of worship in Erieville, New York, USA. Pastor Rob preaches a vegan sermon there every Sunday. The Humanitarian Church’s mission is “To introduce the Whole Food Plant Based Diet to impoverished, unhealthy communities throughout the world so as to provide freedom from illness… and cease the consumption of animal products so as to honor the commandment, ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL’.” In 2010, at the age of 50, Pastor Rob’s life changed when he suffered his third stroke. His left side was paralyzed, his left eye was blind, and he was unable to talk or walk. The doctors gave him six months to live. Twenty-six days after becoming vegan, the paralysis on his left side was gone, his vision returned, and he stopped slurring and drooling. Not only did he fully recover, but he also became healthier than ever. Two years after becoming vegan, he experienced a profound spiritual moment, realizing that animal flesh in the body blocks the connection to God. “So, I decided to give everything to the church, live on minimal things, just (vegan) food. Because I need 5,000 lifetimes to make up for the 5,000 animals that died for me to eat them. I can't create life. So the best I can do is give my life in the service of God.” Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present Reverend Pastor Robert Munro with the Shining World Compassion Award, along with a humble loving gift of US$10,000 to support your vegan Humanitarian Church. Lots of love, praises and prayers for your mission’s success, in God’s mercy.”
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