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Holy Songs - Russian Orthodox Chants

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Since ancient times, humans have expressed their love and longing for God through singing and music. These holy songs connect us with the Divine and remind us of our heavenly Home. Russia is a multi-continental country stretching from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia and spanning eleven time zones, it is the largest country in the world by area. Russian Orthodoxy has been the main religion for a millennium after Russia adopted Byzantine Orthodox Christianity in 988. The spiritual and artistic Russian people have piously searched for their spiritual elevation, and there are countless Russian holy songs. Today we are privileged to share with you two Russian Orthodox chants performed by the amazing Chór Akademicki UW, or University of Warsaw Choir, one of the oldest academic choirs in Poland. Both chants are from “All-Night Vigil,” a cappella choral composition by the famous Russian composer of the Romantic period, Sergei Rachmaninoff. This extraordinary composition was hailed as “the greatest musical achievement of the Russian Orthodox Church.” The first chant, “Blessed Art Thou, O Lord” is one of the Byzantine Orthodox morning prayers in the ancient Russian language, praising the Lord Jesus Christ who had triumphed over death. This piece expressed such joy for the rising of the Lord Jesus Christ. How fortunate are we to have the Savior, the Son of God, to walk among us and teach us right from wrong. The next chant is called “Blessed is the Man.” The Lord knows the way of the righteous and blessed are those who heed His teachings. May we aspire to heed the messages of the Enlightened Masters and return to our pure, loving self-nature.
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