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Celebrating International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples- Loving Efforts to Resolve the Climate Crisis

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The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is celebrated on August 9 annually, in recognition of the first meeting of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations that took place in 1982. On this day, the United Nations reminds us of the Native people’s contributions to the world. Globally, we honor their precious efforts to preserve and protect the planet for generations to come. Our show today highlights important work by Indigenous peoples worldwide to bring awareness of the need to safeguard our earth in light of accelerating global warming. Indigenous people around the globe maintain a deep connection with Mother Earth. They tirelessly campaign and advocate for the planet’s respect and protection, as well as carry out rituals, prayers and sacred ceremonies to help Mother Nature maintain balance. They constantly remind us of our interconnectedness. It is through this intrinsic connection that Indigenous groups on all continents have been keenly aware of global warming and the toll that it is taking. Hence, many Indigenous communities have been speaking out, trying to wake up the world to take action to protect our Earth. Indeed, many scientists are issuing similar warnings about our environment and the urgent need to safeguard it. And many Indigenous cooperatives, associations, committees and organizations have been formed to address environmental degradation. The groups also help with climate change adaptation. More Indigenous people are also adopting the vegan diet to protect the environment because of an increased awareness that animal livestock production is inherently cruel as well as the worst polluter and desecrator of the Earth. With the continued efforts of our Indigenous brothers and sisters, the future for our planet is becoming more optimistic!
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