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The Magic Plant: Moringa Oleifera

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“Moringa is consumed daily in India, Africa, and even the Philippines, where it is quite popular. This special plant is highly recommended by many natural therapists and experts that research medically valuable plants.” “Those [moringa] seeds can be consumed raw. We can take them dry. When they are consumed raw, they have other advantages; when they are consumed dry, they also have other advantages. We can also talk about the roots of the moringa which are also used when we want to make some medicines or some ointments, we use it. The ash even, the ash from fallen branches of the moringa, this ash is also useful. All parts of moringa oleifera are useful. Due to those three kinds of scientifically-proven advantages, moringa is called the ‘miracle plant.’ Through long-lasting, daily, regular consumption, one will notice the change!” “Moringa is a very unusual and unique plant because it not only contains a wide variety of nutrients but also they are present in large amounts. The leaves and seeds of moringa possess abundant vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, fats, minerals, and phytochemicals.” “Generally speaking, for the same quantity of moringa and the same quantity of fruits and vegetables that I will mention in a second; we have four times more vitamin A in moringa than carrots. Regarding vitamin C, we have seven times more in moringa than an orange. Regarding calcium, we have four times more (calcium) in moringa than milk. If we take beef for example, we have four times more protein in moringa than beef. There is 25-times more iron in derivatives of moringa than spinach derivatives that we call here gboma.” Different parts of this plant, such as roots, leaves, and seeds, are applied for various therapeutic purposes. Moringa has high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that may lower one’s cancer risk. Research has also shown it is effective in preventing or treating various gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases. “It has an effect against bacteria! So, when you are used to using moringa, bacteria have no way to grow in your body. There is also an effect against viruses. This substance does not allow viruses to grow.”
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