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Positive Changes in Countries

Positive Changes in Countries Part 16 - Courageous Countries, Courageous Citizens: Cuba, Curaçao, Cyprus

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Let’s talk about some positive news and share stories about our courageous countries. As a country that began turning to organic farming methods nearly 30 years ago, Cuba has become a leader in sustainable agriculture. Along with a decrease in the use of pesticides is a significant increase in produce production. To address the effects of climate change on this vulnerable Caribbean island, our farsighted Cuban government has outlined a comprehensive strategy called “Life Task” (Tarea Vida). Measures include crop diversification, reducing construction and agriculture in low-lying coastal areas, restoring protective eco-systems, and reforestation, as vital steps to protect both people and food production. In addition, Cuba has committed to strengthening sustainable energy development, with plans to increase renewable energies to 24%, thus eliminating six million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Finally, the Cuban government has developed an outstanding healthcare system that offers comprehensive preventive and primary care to the entire population. Curaçao is a small beautiful island in the southernmost tip of the Caribbean Sea. Despite being a small island, Curaçao has one of the busiest seaports in the world in terms of total cargo handled. In addition to its ocean-related business activities, Curaçao has also been making efforts to preserve vulnerable elements of the marine environment such as coral reefs. In recent years, the government has also endeavored to develop tourism in Curaçao. With the help of the Curaçao Hotel & Tourism Association (CHATA), hotels and restaurants in Curaçao have been working to expand their vegan offerings. In the capital city of Willemstad, restaurants featuring Japanese, Asian, Italian, Dutch and Caribbean cuisine also offer many vegan options. In an effort to protect both inhabitants and the environment, His Excellency Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus, announced a government climate initiative on June 5, 2018. The plan includes a €30 million (US$35 million) climate-change research center to be housed in the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, the nation’s leading multidisciplinary research institution. Cyprus is also expanding in a vegan-friendly direction. Many of the country’s traditional dishes center around the tasty chickpea, and Cyprus is now up to 94 restaurants that are either vegan or vegan-friendly.
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