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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai

Vegan Pancakes

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“If we want to bring about Heaven on earth, we must live like the beings from Heaven, which is to live harmoniously, respecting everyone’s freedom and right to life.” Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages and promotes veganism as the noble way of living. She personally designed the Alternative Living flyer and launched a global campaign to share this peaceful and loving message to the world. Through Her teachings, millions of people have become vegetarians or vegans, changing their ways of thinking in regards to the sentient nature of our animal friends. With boundless love, Supreme Master Ching Hai sets aside Her precious time and demonstrates a few simple and aesthetically appetizing dishes. With heartfelt gratitude, we sincerely thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing with us these wonderful vegan dishes and easy cooking tips. Today, we joyfully present Supreme Master Ching Hai’s “Vegan Pancakes.” “This is like half a kilogram of non-clumpy flour. It's like a self-raising flour. And then a quarter-liter of soya milk. And half a teaspoon of salt. And just pour the soya milk in it. You can sieve the flour in advance, but you don't have to do too many things; just make it simple. We beat it up now and again, again, so the lumps all disappear, and we can leave it standing for 10 to 20 minutes. If you put just soya milk, then it's softer. Or, just my experiences are like that. After 15 minutes, we cook this. Now you put in a little bit more oil, like one tablespoon, more or less. That should be OK. And distribute it evenly. And put in again. Let it run around a little bit to distribute the batter and oil evenly, like that. After it’s all even, you just close the lid and wait for maybe a minute or so. You have to always check it. After a while, you check it, see if it’s brown already. There you are. Very good. You guys eat it. Put lemon or whatever you want.” (Pretty good.)
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