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Sudan commits to ending abusive practice against women

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Sudan outlaws female genital mutilation.

As part of its pledge towards prioritizing women’s rights, Sudan’s transitional government, led by Prime Minister His Excellency Abdalla Hamdok, has approved a legislative amendment that criminalizes the traditional practice of female genital removal. According to the United Nations, an estimated nine in ten Sudanese women have endured the invasive, dangerous and harmful circumcision. Under the new law, anyone who performs the illegal procedure faces a three-year prison term and a fine. In response to this new victory for Sudanese females, Nimco Ali, co-founder and CEO of Five Foundation, a global organization dedicated to ending the horrific practice, tweeted, “Sudan has truly entered a New Era for Girl Rights…Sudan… thank you for placing the protection of women and girls at the heart of this new chapter.” Our deep gratitude and Heaven’s immense blessings, Your Excellency Abdalla Hamdok and Sudan. May all live a dignified life of respect and equality, in Allah’s benevolent guidance. Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance to His Excellency Abdalla Hamdok and the government of Sudan, with high salute, praises and much gratitude for your noble and wise decision. May you and your caring country be graced with forevermore love and protection from the Divine.”

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