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Vegan Bachelor's Burger Bits

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Today, we are lucky for a glimpse of those days in YangMing Mountain in 1992 where Supreme Master Ching Hai set aside Her precious time to demonstrate a simple and aesthetically appetizing dish: Vegan Bachelor’s Burger Bits. “Dried products cook with lemongrass, like gluten, contain a high percentage of protein. Soak it in water until soft like this. And then add the seasonings. Very simple. OK. That’s it. Then, mix it by hand or use chopsticks. Now heat up some oil in the pot. When the oil is heated, toss everything in and stir-fry it until it is all cooked thoroughly. Then, it’s ready to serve. OK, it is done. See, it is very simple. It smells delicious.” “When you cook, you should be happy, be loving, and recite the Five Holy Names. Even if you don’t practice Quan Yin Method, recite the name of Buddha, Jesus Christ, or any religious leader, or your own mantra. It’s better not to gossip or think nonsense while cooking so that the food has more blessings. Your reciting will bring blessings to the food. When they eat your food, they will be healthier and happier.”
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