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Selections from The Astral City - Chapter 3: Collective Prayer

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In “The Astral City,” former medical doctor André Luiz speaks from the afterlife of his awakening and healing within a spiritual society near the Earth’s surface. This story describes not only the continuation of life beyond the physical body, but more importantly how Heaven cares for each and every human soul. The following excerpt from “The Astral City” describes how André Luiz was strengthened spiritually upon his rescue from the Lower Zones. “I felt a profound sense of veneration and awe as I gazed at the soft light streaming through my window. I realized that on Earth I had never looked up at the Sun and raised my thoughts to the One, Who in His infinite mercy, had given it to us to shine on our journey. I was like a blind man who, after living so long in darkness, was blessed with the ability to see the splendor of nature. The first collective prayer I had attended at the Astral City had worked a radical change in me. An unexpected peace filled my soul for the first time in many years of suffering, and my heart, so long empty, was once again filled with hope.”
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