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Poet-Philosopher Al-Maʿarri (vegan): Meditations On Life

BAHASA:Arabic(اللغة العربية)
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Abu al-‘Ala’ al-Ma‘arri, a man of keen intellect and deep thought, is respected as one of the greatest Arab classical poets. When he was four years old, al- Ma‘arri was afflicted with small pox. The illness ultimately resulted in the loss of his vision. His unconventional wisdom and philosophy and his profound reasoning had led to a sudden surge in his reputation. He rapidly became a highly sought after poet and scholar. Al-Ma‘arri was also an example of compassion to all beings. He spoke out against the killing of animals and also the use of animal skins for clothing and other fashion accessories. Nearly a thousand years after his time on Earth, the spiritual verse from the sage-like poet and philosopher Al-Ma‘arri remains as relevant as the day it was written: “What shall it profit you, the vast amount of gold and grain you gather from the land, if you have laid no dominating hand on virtues that will balance your account!” Al-Ma‘arri is respected for his bold ideas, his independent spirit, and his unrelenting drive to uphold truth and justice for all beings.
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