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Sharing the Beautiful Experience of Approaching Feathered Friends: Enjoying Peaceful Atmosphere and Regaining Energy

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Hallo, Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master TV team, I am a bird-people-watching enthusiast. I am very impressed by two of your programs that I watched recently. I liked them so much: “Birding: Connecting Us with Nature” and “The Secrets to Birds’ Vibrant Plumage Coloration.”

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about bird-people from the programs. Knowing how and why they have beautiful and colorful plumage makes me admire the great Power of the Creator. I’ve also learned things we should pay attention to when approaching wild bird-people, and I agree very much that watching bird-people helps in reducing frustration and depression.

I love tracking our feathered friends in forests or high mountains and taking pictures of their cute looks. In the high mountain, I often waited at the same place for many hours for the bird-people to show up. While I was waiting, I immersed myself in nature, listening to the chirping of bird-people and insects and the sound of the gentle breeze over treetops. I breathed in the fresh air filled with the scent of plants, and it was very enjoyable to be in such a tranquil atmosphere.

There have been wild bird-people drinking water from my palm, resting on my camera stand, and even hopping to less than one meter away from me, seemingly saying hallo to me! All these wonderful encounters with our feathered friends have always surprised me and made me look forward to meeting them unexpectedly again in the mountains and forests. I like our feathered friends so much. My love for them extends to all animal-people, which was one of the reasons that I became a vegan.

Thank You so much, Master, for founding this beautiful and positive TV station. Thank you, the Supreme Master TV team, for your dedication and efforts in promoting veganism and presenting to us super programs. I hope that humans in this world will soon realize that animal-people are our friends, not our food. I’ve been praying with you during the suggested World Vegan hour every day for the coming of a vegan world, and that all Earthly beings may live together in peace.

Finally, I’d like to share with Master and the Supreme Master TV team photos and videos that I’ve taken, as a token of my sincere appreciation. I hope you will like these beautiful feathered friends of ours. Wishing you all the best in work, safety, peace, happiness, and good health. Respectfully, Yu-Hsiang from Taiwan (Formosa)

Patient Yu-Hsiang, We are so happy that you found the programs about the bird-people to be entertaining. And thank you for the lovely photos and videos of your bird friends! Your time spent in the mountains, waiting for them to appear, is a wonderful example of how restorative it is for human beings to be immersed in our natural surroundings. We wish you much luck in sighting the most rare and colorful bird-people! May nature’s beauty always inspire you and your pure-hearted Taiwanese (Formosan) co-citizens, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has a response to your letter: “Nature-loving Yu-Hsiang, wow, such beautiful photos and videos of our feathered coinhabitants! Thank you for sharing them with us. Sitting quietly in the wilderness, listening to the sounds of bird-people and insects along with rushing water or a quiet breeze, uplifts the human spirit. Some of the most beautiful moments in my life have been found while sitting alone in appreciation of Earth’s glory. Your bird friends feel your peaceful nature and know that it is safe to approach you. May they find serenity and safety in this world, along with you and soothing Taiwan (Formosa).”

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