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The Profound Civilization of Taiwan (Formosa) Deserves to Be Respected and Recognized by the World

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Recently, the relationship between China and Taiwan (Formosa) has been somewhat tense, which makes me feel sad and made me shed tears several times. Bearing in mind that the Taiwanese (Formosan) people are so kind-hearted, honest, and pure, I truly hope they just always feel loved and have peace. I’d like to share my travel experiences in Taiwan (Formosa) a few years ago, in the hope that the world can know how nice they are.

When I had just gotten off the plane, having not yet activated the international roaming service on my phone, I could not contact my friends. I just asked a passerby randomly, who then immediately took out his phone, asking if he could help me contact them or I could do it myself. Never in my life will I forget how someone trusted me totally without any suspicion while I was just a traveling stranger.

Later on, while walking on the road with large luggage, I incidentally turned my head to see a long line of cars stopping there, waiting for me to cross the road, with no one sounding the horn to rush me. This subtle kindness was enough to show their good nature and level of civilization.

Moreover, Taiwan (Formosa) is a paradise for vegans, with many vegan restaurants offering a great variety of cuisines. Bravo! Even in areas such as waste disposal and recycling, etc., what Taiwan (Formosa) is doing is worthwhile for other countries to learn from. Though my trip there was short, the kindness and thoughtfulness of the Taiwanese (Formosan) people have, bit by bit, been etched into my heart.

The Taiwanese (Formosan) people, so kind and friendly and full of positive energy, must have been nurtured with love since young to have such a noble quality and culture. Such a good people deserve to be protected and praised forever.

We are all just sojourners on Earth. Peace and benevolence are the best gifts we can leave for the world. I pray that everyone always shows their beautiful aspects to leave sweet memories with others, who will then know that their home country must be equally beautiful.

I pray that Taiwan (Formosa) will always be in peace and be treated kindly. May people and countries in the world shake hands with each other, embrace each other, and learn from each other to show as much as possible the beauty of each other and to create together the energy of love.

Many thanks to the Supreme Master TV team for compiling and sharing magnificent events and cultures from around the world to broaden our vision and open our minds. Love you always! Thank you! Please accept my sincere wishes and respects! Xiang-Yao from China

Insightful Xiang-Yao, Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences and about the special bond that you created with the Taiwanese (Formosan) people during your short stay. Reading your story brings a big smile to our faces. Just imagine what our world would be like if everyone had such noble hearts where kindness and compassion are firmly rooted in every thought and action. We, too, hope that the world views Taiwan (Formosa) as worthy of respect and recognition for its profound civilization. May you and industrious China always know peace, Supreme Master TV team 

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