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Thank You, Master, for sharing with us the photos that You’ve taken, which have reminded us to be grateful and loving to all beings.

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Respected and Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master TV team, I watch Supreme Master TV every day with my heart full of gratitude. I like your diverse programs and well-crafted images. In one series of Master’s photos that you shared, Master was feeding butterfly-people with different kinds of fruit, which let me know that butterfly-people also eat fruits. I thought I could also feed the same to small animal-people.

Surprisingly, a butterfly-person really flew into my house, hiding somewhere that I didn’t know. While meditating the next night, I was thinking: “Butterfly-person, you’ve been here for two days. Come out to me if you’re hungry.” The following morning, the butterfly-person did appear and flew to land on my shoulder. Joyfully, I cut an orange and put it on a little table to feed the butterfly-person, who flew over immediately to enjoy it. After that, while putting him outside, I said thankfully, “You are welcome to visit my house again.”

Thank You, Master, for sharing with us the photos that You’ve taken, which have reminded us to be grateful and loving to all beings. Thank you, the Supreme Master TV team, for every program you’ve produced and broadcasted to increase our knowledge and help us expand our love.

May Respected and Beloved Master Ching Hai be in good health and have everything go smoothly. May Supreme Master TV become increasingly better. May all animal-people be protected, cared for, and loved. May “World Vegan, World Peace” be realized soon! Naomi from Japan

Tender Naomi, Our appreciation for your feedback regarding the Supreme Master TV programs. Master’s beautiful pictures inspire us as well. She always seems to capture the essence of nature in such a way that anyone who sees Her photos feels much closer to the natural world. They are like a window showing us the light in all things. Your experience with the butterfly-person is a lovely example of how we should treat all of our fellow beings on this planet. We pray that you and blossoming Japan always enjoy serenity and plenitude, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this loving reply for you: “Innocent Naomi, I was touched by your wonderful story that illustrates so well the kind of enlightened, loving relationships that are possible between humans and the animal- and insect-people. I have been amazed so many times by their pure love. They are so kind and lovely and have often warned me of danger and saved my life. If humans had any idea of how much love and assistance they are denying themselves by being so cruel to animal- and insect-people, and the natural world, they would be regretful, ashamed, and immediately become vegan. I hope your story touches many hearts and inspires individuals to be more kind and loving to all beings. May World Vegan, World Peace manifest now so all of life on Earth can become as it was intended to be, one loving family! May you and the helpful Japanese people always see the shining Buddha Nature in all things.”

We cannot live w/o this beautiful planet. Please save it by turning vegan, now. 

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Berita Wajar Diberi Perhatian

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