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Vegan Books for Kids with Dr. Dragana Vucic Dekic (vegan)

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Dr. Dekic is a prolific vegan writer with a Ph.D. in humor theories and their application in the performing arts. She publishes a blog, Momthemuse, where she writes about different aspects of veganism.

Let’s first hear why, with all her skills and talents, Dr. Dekic chooses to commit so much time and energy to write children’s books. “Animal rights books help children connect with animals they don't have the opportunity to meet up close, such as cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, donkeys. Through engaging in the metaphorically written stories, young readers can realize where things stand. Animals are emotional, intelligent, and social beings. Breeding animals for food is cruel and destroys nature. Animals are not created to be eaten, and a plant-based diet has all the nutritional ingredients they need for healthy development. And these messages are delivered in my books in a literary way.”

“Someone wisely said that our stomach is a temple, not a tomb, and I follow that thought. There are a million reasons to be vegan, including good health, delicious food, environment. But, to me, the most important reason is compassion for animals.”

Let’s now find out exactly what she wants to convey to the world through her writing. “How important empathy is and the ability to put ourselves in the place of another living being. And I hope that my stories will help people to observe a world from animals’ perspective and be empathetic towards them. When people meet animals, such as pigs, cows, and chickens, they learn what smart, sensitive, and sociable creatures they are. And maybe they would think twice before eating them.”

“It is natural for children to be kind to animals, and they don't need the special cues. And adults need messages of empathy. When a child sees a lamb, he has an instinct to play with it, not to eat it. And adults need to tell children the truth about food, and the books are here to help. And children can continue to be kind to all animals, and this world will be a much nicer place.”
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