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Witnesses: The incredible benefits of the Quan Yin Method. Aside from serving others, meditation is the most worthwhile activity for humans and has redemptive power for ourselves and all those around us

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Dear Most Beloved Master Ching Hai, Via the most wonderful Supreme Master Television, may I send to my Beloved Master my sincere thanks with unceasing tears in my heart, because You saved me and granted me a new life to be on the path of a saint. After studying with You, I changed from a weak, helpless person in a life full of miseries to a relaxed, peaceful person who is grateful to God – Tim Qo Tu.

Supreme Master Television lets me see Heaven existing every day because so many beautiful and noble beings are blessed to no end by God Almighty. I wish that all of humanity be vegan soon and remember again its inner noble Self so that this Earth can become Heaven forever.

The most important thing in my spiritual practice is that many generations of my ancestors, relatives and loved ones have been liberated to better worlds. Many of them appeared in my vision to let me know that they had been saved and elevated to higher realms. I save a lot of time to meditate, because the more I meditate, the more souls are being liberated. Even my friend’s relatives, or the deceased people and animals who knew me, all were saved by You.

I appreciate so much the incredible benefits of the Quan Yin Method, of the great liberating power which Master bestowed to the Earthlings. I cherish so much the Divine gift of Initiation which Master imparted to me and has helped me to live my best life and repay the favors of my parents, the Three Jewels, my country, and human beings. In Your great Ocean of Love, numerous souls have been saved and elevated. We love and respect Tim Qo Tu so much. Yours Sincerely, Thùy from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Appreciative Thùy, We are certain that your testimony was very pleasing to Master. We pray that your soul delights in Her words for you: “Conscientious Thùy, I am touched that you chose the path of a saint. Your humility, trust in Master and gratitude have helped you elevate in the spiritual realms and this also has affected your physical life positively. As you saw yourself, your diligent practice has helped save many souls, and I hope it encourages other practitioners to dedicate all their free time to meditation, through the inner connection with powerful Master’s Grace. Aside from serving others, it is the most worthwhile activity for humans and has redemptive power for you and all those around you. I send all my Love! Wishing you and the virtuous people of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) the immense blessings of the Buddha.”

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Berita Wajar Diberi Perhatian

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