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Planet Earth is our shared home–humans and animal people alike. We should care for and love one another

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I am very grateful to Master and the Supreme Master TV team for your wholehearted and loving efforts in producing such high-quality programs fully charged with positive energy. At present, the COVID situation is quite serious. On television, most media are feeding people disheartening information. Fortunately, we have Supreme Master TV broadcasting comforting and positive messages. It is indeed a powerful, cleansing current in this grim and tumultuous world. I have been sharing with my friends and relatives Supreme Master TV’s World Vegan prayer message, hoping that everyone would feel as comforted and encouraged, as I have been. On a Between Master and Disciples program titled “The Ten Commandments and Moses and the Ants,” our Beloved Master mentioned, “The animal-people are so amazing, “The animal-people are so amazing, so incredibly loving, and kind, and protective.” I wish to share an experience related to this.

I live in Taipei. There used to be some big trees and greenery in front of my house. Gradually, they gave way to new buildings. The bird-people lost much of their habitat and feeding ground, thus had no choice but to venture onto the roads for food. Due to the busy traffic, they are at risk of being hit whenever their attention lapses just a little. 

For years, I would put out food and water on our balcony and rooftop for them. Truth be told, I am also somewhat accountable for their loss of habitat and feel obliged to pay them a little “rent.” Every day, the bird-people would come to our balcony and sing for extended periods of time. It is so sweet to see the bird-mothers bring their kids and feed them. Watching their heart-warming interactions adds much joy and happiness to my life.

What I had not expected was that the bird-people even saved me from danger. In a lucid dream, I saw the spirit forms of more than a thousand bird-people gather closely around my feet. They had iridescent feathers like those of the peacock-people, shimmering with translucent light blue hues, and had beautiful body contours, slightly larger than pigeon-people in size. They were moving in unison close to one another like a huge bird-river. Together, they huddled tightly around my feet and guided me in a new direction.

In my dream, I could faintly hear them saying to one another, “Closer, closer,” and I thought to myself, “How lovely they are, how tender they are towards me!” After being happily “herded” by them for a distance, I was startled by the sight of a giant white tiger-person to my front left, who had been advancing towards me. I then realized that the bird-people were using their bodies to prevent the giant white tiger-person from nearing me.

When I awoke, I realized that the white tiger-person represented my personal disaster, and the bird-people were helping me to avoid it. Being bigger and stronger than the bird-people, I was supposed to protect and look after them. Yet, it was them who risked their lives to ensure my safety. I was grateful and embarrassed all at once!

Planet Earth is our shared home – humans and animal-people alike. That makes us family. We should care for and love one another. “Love” begins on our dining table. I hope we can all “Be Vegan, Make Peace!” Finally, I wish our Beloved Master all the best, and Her every wish comes true! Respectfully, Your disciple Ssu-Yu from Taiwan (Formosa)

Tender Ssu-Yu, Our appreciation for sharing your beautiful story with us. We, too, are uplifted by the sweet beauty of the bird-people in the world around us. Thank you for reminding us that humans and animal-persons should be treated as equals and how together, with the people of the animal kingdom, we can save planet Earth. May the Heavens bless you and the gentle inhabitants of Taiwan (Formosa). In Universal Wisdom, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this earnest reply for you: “Worthy Ssu-Yu, I thank you with much Love for writing about this urgent matter that is so dear to my heart. The humble and dignified animal-people of our world must be embraced as we would our family members and friends. No longer can we continue to enslave and slaughter these precious beings. May the Godses hear our prayers and protect you and all the noble people in Taiwan (Formosa).” 

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