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nu+ cao – New Chocolate for a New World

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In 2016, three young engineers, Christian Fenner, Mathias Tholey and Thomas Stoffels had a vision of making better chocolate. Firstly, they start with the cacao beans harvested from wild-grown trees in the pristine jungles of Bali Island in Indonesia, and an expanding list of other certified organic and natural growers around the world. By building a close relationship with the local suppliers, nu+ cao is able to ensure fair-trade practices for harvesting and processing of these pollution-free raw beans. Researched and formulated through a modern production process, nu+ cao's products are then wrapped in sustainably produced plant cellulose packaging. This wrapping will decompose and return to the Earth as organic matter in just one month’s time.

To top it off, the nu+ company follows a model of sustainability at every level, including tree planting, public education and carbon offsets. “For every bar you buy, we plant one tree. Isn’t this the coolest way to save our planet? Every bar donates 10 cents to our partner, ‘Eden Reforestation Projects,’ who in return plants one mangrove in Madagascar. With nu+ cao, we wanted a product that is 100% in line with your values. It's truly good for you and good for the planet. So far, we have avoided one ton of plastic waste, we have replaced 30 tons of refined sugar, and planted over 1.5 million trees.”

The nu+ company’s goal is to plant one billion trees by 2030, one chocolate bar at a time and create a global movement for healthy plant-based nutrition. On October 23rd, 2020, the nu+ company launched an urgent appeal to save the world. In a video entitled, “Food for a nu world - What is the future of the food industry? They ask governments and the food industry why it is taking them so long to change policies in the face of a global catastrophe…

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