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Animals’ Heartfelt Wishes for New Year 2021

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Happy New Year, esteemed viewers of Supreme Master Television! I’m Holly, the vegan Grenada dove from Mount Hartman, Grenada. On this New Year’s Day of 2021, we are delighted to have with us the top 10 Loving Quality animals revealed by our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. They would like to convey well-wishes to you for this year. Loving Quality, this is an unconditional loving quality. It’s even beyond the love between husband and wife, beyond the love of the mother and child. Because this unconditional Loving Quality - meaning we have love for all beings, not just our relatives and friends – we’re ready to sacrifice or help anyone who is in need, be it our kin or just total strangers, be it our benefactor or even our enemy, which Jesus has mentioned, 'Love thy enemy.' This is the Loving Quality that we should cultivate." Master says the Loving Quality of animals can be as high as 300%. The three who have this trait are whales, seals and cows. "Like the whales and the seals that populate the vast oceans, covering 70% of our Earth, who bless us tremendously by their powerful and love-filled presence." How amazing! First, let’s hear the whales’ New Year wishes. ‘Hi! Happy New Year, everyone! We wish for beautiful and loving energy to continue spouting in the new year!’ Seals are, “very playful, curious and loving, but very noble and intelligent,” as noted by Master. “Ah ~ Ah ~ Ah! Go! Go! Go! Sway with me, and go with full speed towards our aspiration for a peaceful vegan world.” Another awesome being is the cow. "The cows that plow our field, that give milk to some of our children, they have 300% LQ." “Moo! Moo! Here comes New Year’s Day. Here comes God’s blessing for a vegan world! May all earthlings be filled with noble intentions and the joy of serving others.” We are so grateful to the high LQ animals for blessing us with their best wishes. As a new year begins today, we also encourage our viewers to explore fresh possibilities, to create a better future and a more loving world.
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