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The Kind-hearted Young Spirit - Eshiana Coleman (Vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Today, we have the good fortune of meeting the bright young lady, Eshiana Coleman, who is a vegan, an animal activist, and holds the title of an Elite Gymnast in the United States. And on multiple occasions, she has spoken strongly on behalf of animal welfare. Do you want to know why she decided to become an animal activist? “Yes, we do.” “I’m here to wake people up because animals have a brain, they have feelings, they want to be loved and they want to play, and it’s not good for the climate or your health at all. And I want to let people know that, so that they can live a really fulfilling life.” What does Eshiana eat at school? How does she keep the vegan diet there? “So sometimes if in the morning I don’t” feel like making my lunch or my parents don’t, I will go to school and just get the salad bar options. But if I want a homemade lunch, I usually just pack a sandwich with veggies, tomatoes, and mustard, and maybe some vegan meat slices. There are a lot of vegan recipes that you find online.” As a high academic achiever in school, Eshiana has maintained an A+ grade point average throughout the school year. She is also into acrobatic gymnastics, where she spends about 15 hours each week in training with USA gymnastics.
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