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Powerful Vegan Films: “There is a Monster in My Kitchen,” and “Vegan 2020”

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Slash-and-burn, or fire-fallow cultivation, which involves cutting and burning forest or woodland to clear fields for livestock-raising, has devastated the Amazon Rainforest. As the largest terrestrial carbon dioxide sink on our planet Earth, the burning of almost 906,000 hectares of Amazon Rainforest in 2019 caught the media’s attention and caused international concern. Data from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research showed that more than 8,400 square kilometers (3,200 square miles) of the Amazon was burned across Brazil alone.

“There’s a Monster in My Kitchen,” a short film made by Greenpeace UK together with Mother London, unveils the true reasons behind these disastrous events. “Vegan 2020” shows us bushfires in Australia that have taken the agonizing toll of more than 30 human lives and billions of animal lives, also destroying homes and habitats. Witness the first “gigafire” in modern history, spanning almost 1 million acres in the US state of California. The meat and dairy industry is again responsible as the number one contributor to global warming, resulting in climatic conditions being hotter and drier than usual, and fires increasing globally by up to 30 percent.

In less than an hour, “Vegan 2020,” not only shows the danger and damage caused by meat consumption, but also brings us hope with much exciting and positive news, inspiring people to make the best choice: Be Vegan! Encouraging people to live a life of compassion and consideration rather than causing pain and suffering to other sentient beings, the planet Earth, and ourselves, “There’s a Monster in My Kitchen” and “Vegan 2020” are two films that must be seen.

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