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Jennifer Stojkovic (vegan): Empowering Female Vegan Entrepreneurs

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Today, March 8, is International Women's Day. In honor of this occasion, we profile an influential vegan woman who is passionately dedicated to inspiring and empowering businesswomen worldwide who are leading or creating new plant-based ventures. Jennifer Stojkovic, originally from Canada, has established herself as an influential community relations leader for tech companies in San Francisco, United States.

Along the way, Jennifer became aware of the disadvantages women entrepreneurs face. In response, she started the Vegan Women Summit (VWS) in early 2020. It is the world’s first “global events and media organization created to empower female-identifying change-makers to bring compassion to their careers.” VWS’s Pathfinder program is the world’s first women founder summit dedicated to plant-based innovation and business development. Over 800 applications from 31 countries were received, 60% of which were from women founders of color.

Renana Krebs, the winner of the VWS Pathfinder 2020 competition, is the co-founder and CEO of Algalife, an Israeli startup that focuses on creating bio-textiles from cleaner and greener algae-based fibers and dyes; this production method has enormous potential to resolve the overconsumption of resources by the fashion industry as well as the pollution and waste it generates. Dr. Courtney Blagrove’s Whipped Urban Dessert Lab is the world’s first oat-milk soft serve ice cream shop, offering a full array of dazzling and delicious vegan desserts in New York City, USA. Miyoko Schinner, the renowned vegan founder and CEO of the award-winning American dairy-free brand Miyoko’s Creamery praised the Pathfinder event.

While helping to shape this ecosystem for female founders, Jennifer Stojkovic has noticed another positive aspect of VWS’s work. She said, “We have discovered more than one-third of female founders entering the space move towards a more plant-based diet after founding their company. We are eager to explore this opportunity and create a mainstream entry point into the industry for founders coming from all backgrounds."

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