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Vegan Actor, Musician and Environmental Activist - Aidan Gallagher

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There are so many troubling issues currently plaguing our planet today, such as global pandemics, impacts from climate change, environmental destruction, and animal extinctions. That’s why so many of them are rising up and getting their message out to the world. We are so excited to introduce another such hero, 17-year-old Aidan Gallagher, an American actor, singer, and songwriter. On top of being a brilliant artist, Aidan is at the forefront of championing environmental protection. After researching on his own, he became aware of the environmental and ethical aspects of meat consumption. After joining in with his family on Meatless Mondays, he eventually transitioned to a healthy plant-based diet. On his dietary choice, Aidan tweeted in March 2019, “I was not always Vegan. I started 4 years ago for the environment. As the leading cause of climate change I decided I had to lead by example.” In September 2018, Aidan discussed climate change impacts during the Global Climate Summit, hosted in San Francisco, USA. “I am honored to be here representing our world’s youth, who will be affected the most by climate change. We are all here because we value life, not only human life, but the lives of millions of species with which we share this world.” For our planet and for our animal friends, we hope everyone, young and old, can join Aidan in transitioning to the vegan diet, which is the easiest and the most effective way to make a positive change.
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