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Touching Movies on Amazing Near-Death Experiences: “Heaven Is for Real” and “The Day I Died”

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Our first feature is the 2014 Christian drama, “Heaven Is for Real.” Based on the 2010 book of the same name by Pastor Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, it follows the remarkable true story of a boy’s life-changing near-death experience. This heartwarming film shows us Heaven is, indeed, “for real.” If we just open our hearts, we will see that Heaven is all around us.

Our next feature is the 2002 British documentary entitled “The Day I Died,” produced and directed by Kate Broome. Since Dr. Raymond Moody published his famous book “Life after Life” in 1975, many researchers all over the world have recorded thousands of cases involving near-death experience and their after-effects. This documentary includes extensive narratives of people who have had such an experience. Many report feeling pure peace and love, as well as seeing bright light or the “Being of Light,” and when they come back to life, they no longer fear death. “The Day I Died” also introduces the Near-Death Experience Scale, also known as the Greyson’s scale, created by Dr. Bruce Greyson to measure the aspects of near-death experience. The movie also contains interviews with numerous medical professionals who are collecting evidence to show that the mind can live on after the brain stops functioning.

Today’s two inspiring films, “Heaven Is for Real” and “The Day I Died,” are fascinating films that introduce the near-death experiences through touching stories, based on real life and scientifically evidenced. Not only do these movies show that Heaven does exist, but they bring us to question the real purpose of life, for we are not just the body and brain— we are much, much, more.
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