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Soul-Searching Films: “Miracles from Heaven,” “Lion” & “Heaven Can Wait”

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“Miracles from Heaven” is a film based on the remarkable true story of a 10-year-old Texan girl, Annabel, played by Kylie Rogers. The story starts to unfold when she gets sick without any known causes. One day, Annabel has a terrible accident while playing with Abbie, her older sister. To everyone’s surprise— and relief—she not only survives unscathed, but she wakes up cured from her illness!

“Lion,” directed by Garth Davis, is another adaptation of fascinating true story of a little boy from rural central India. The story set in 1986 when a five-year-old boy named Saroo accompanies his older brother to Burhanpur, 70 kilometers from their hometown. When his brother asks him to wait for him at a train station, the little boy mistakenly steps onto a train that carries him to Calcutta, thousands of miles away from home. But memories from his past come back to haunt him, and he finds a calling to search for his family back in India. Would it be possible to find his home when he cannot even remember the name of his city? Would he be able to reunite with his beloved brother, from whom he was separated so many years ago?

Our final feature today is the 1978 comedy film entitled “Heaven Can Wait.” Oscar-winner Warren Beatty and two-time Oscar-nominated Buck Henry directed as well as star in the production. The story is about Joe Pendleton, played by Warren Beatty. Joe is the backup football quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams and wants to play in the upcoming Super Bowl. After a collision with a truck, Joe finds himself in the “wait station.” His celestial escort, played by Buck Henry, explains that this is where souls of the newly dead go before arriving at their next destination. With a humorous script and superb cast ensemble, “Heaven Can Wait” is a fun film about ephemeral life and destiny.

“Miracles from Heaven,” “Lion,” and “Heaven Can Wait” are three unique and uplifting films that remind us of what truly matters during our precious time on Earth.

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