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Professor Gary Francione (vegan) on Justice for Animal-People, Part 1 of 2

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On today’s show we meet Gary Francione, a distinguished law professor and prominent philosopher on the rights and ethics of animal-people. Professor Francione teaches at Rutgers University Law School in New Jersey, USA, and has been educating society on the theory of animal-people rights and the law for over 25 years.

“I believe very strongly in the principle of ahimsa or non-violence, VERY STRONGLY. And it just seems to me self-evidently wrong to kill or to impose suffering, particularly when there's absolutely no need. And so, I became a vegan because it was clear to me that I shouldn't be eating animal products and that I didn't need to eat them to be healthy.”

Professor Francione is well-known for his abolitionist position on animal-people rights and criticism of animal-people welfare law. He believes that the animal-people rights movement should involve abolishing all forms of exploitation, rather than trying to regulate how people of the animal kingdom are treated. During our interview, he reveals the gruesome truth behind how they are treated in factories. “When we say that ‘we should treat them humanely,’ what we really mean is that ‘we should not impose more suffering than is necessary, given the use,’ which itself may not be necessary. But, ‘we should impose that amount of suffering that allows us to efficiently exploit the animal.’ That's a very, very low level of protection.”

“I talk a lot about diet, although veganism is not just about diet. It's about clothes you wear, about what products you use and things like that. But I talk a lot about dietary veganism because in my experience, until people stop eating them, nothing changes. Once they stop eating them and they see that it's wrong to eat them, everything changes.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present Professor Gary Francione the Shining World Hero Award, with all love, best wishes, and high praises for your dedication to creating a more just and ethical world. May you and your loved ones enjoy continued blessings and constant protection by Heaven.”
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